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10 Ways Moms Make Everything Better


Remember when you were a kid, and your mom was your sun, your moon, your everything? You’re that lucky lady now.

Here are ten reasons your babies can’t get enough of you.

1. Moms Pack the Snacks

a mom and her daughter looking at a river

Moms always have snacks... and extra diapers, a change of clothes, tissues, bandages, juice boxes, sun hats, and beloved toys tucked into our overstuffed bags. Sure, we're beyond prepared for most any situation, but your little one definitely appreciates it when he needs something while you're out and about. It must be something in the female DNA, cause the dads we know don't do this.

2. Moms Give Nonstop Customer Service

a mom playing with her daughter at the park

The thing about moms is, we'll do anything for our kids. And we don't just wait until they ask for help. We're always looking for solutions to make life a little better and easier for our babies.

3. Moms Have the Magic Touch

a mom holding her son in her lap outside

When you're a toddler with a freshly scraped knee, all you want is your mom. No one can soothe and bandage an owie like mom can. Just try handing Junior off to dad the next time your little one bites it on the stairs.

4. Moms Make Life Happen

a mom posing with her newborn baby in hospital

To quote a man we know: "If it was men who got pregnant, the human race would cease to exist." The very act of growing and birthing a child is huge and not one that should be taken for granted. We don't have to put ourselves through nine body-morphing months, agonizing labor and (a minimum of) 18 years of exhausting, life-altering child rearing... but we do. Yay for us!

5. Moms are Numero Uno

a mom holding her baby son

Whether it's surrendering our bodies to breastfeeding or getting up in the middle of the night to calm a bad dream, moms give up time, sleep, money, and so much more to care for their babies. Motherhood truly is the definition of unconditional love.

6. No One Makes a Better Chaser

a mom carrying her daughter on her back

Kids love it when their parents play with them; they love the attention and it's just that much more fun to run screaming from the big mean mommy monster who's hot on their heels.

7. Moms Make Life Richer

a mom swimming with her toddler daughter

Mommy and me classes, playdates, after-school activities... It's usually moms who make these life-enriching activities happen. Sure, we might be a little self-interested when we sign the kids up for sleepaway camp—mamas need a break too!—but our hearts are in the right place. When our babies look back on it, we want them to remember a childhood that was as good or better than ours.

8. Moms Fix Everything

a mom checking on her crying baby

We can't stand to see our babies sad. If someone or something is upsetting our children—from a dirty diaper to a demonic dog—we'll find a way to fix it.

9. Moms Take Care of Health

a mom playing with her daughter outside

We care about our kids' health, so we worry about what they're eating and how much TV they're watching. They might not like us for not buying those Ding-Dongs now, but denying our kids unnecessary sugar highs and couch-potato bodies is actually an act of (in this case unrequited) love.

10. Moms Go the Extra Mile

two kids eating cereal with their mom looking on

You know which kid hates raisins, so you pick them out of his cereal every morning. You've mastered the exact way to swaddle your baby so he gets that happy, contented smile, and no one else's technique even comes close. You know your little ones better than anyone, and that's the reason they're so attached to their mama: because just you being there makes it better

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