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10 Things To Do During Early Morning Feedings


It's 4 a.m. and your baby's engaged in a marathon feeding session: What do you do? Hit up your smartphone for easy-on-the-brain entertainments like the 10 we've listed here, of course! Experts will tell you to stay away from the glowing lights of technology so that you can more easily get get back to sleep, but they've obviously never had to sit on the couch and attempt to stay awake through round-the-clock cluster feedings.

Right, mamas?! Here are 10 activities to do while up during early morning feedings.

1. Indulge in Some Online Shopping

online shopping at night

The wee hours of the morning are perfect for browsing online shopping sites, particularly premium discount clothing and home sites like ZulilyHauteLook, and One Kings Lane that add tons of new stuff every day. Even if you have no intention of ever buying anything, it's fun to flip through page after page of cute dresses and oversized furniture. But keep the credit card out of reach; anything placed in your basket while "sleep shopping" should be vetted by a more-awake you in the morning.

2. Zone Out To Music Videos

Hit up YouTube on your phone or tablet to catch up on the latest videos. Entertaining but short, they're a perfectly-sized dose of pop culture and require no future time commitment or effort from brain cells. The only downside is actually hearing the music: you'll want to keep the volume fairly low so as to not engage your baby in a 3 a.m. dance party.

3. Catch Up on Shows

a retro tv

Put those Hulu, Roku, Amazon Prime, and OnDemand subscriptions to work with midnight marathon sessions of your favorite shows. Resist the urge to keep watching after baby's gone back to sleep; we promise there will soon be another chance to find out what's been happening on "Game of Thrones."

4. Connect with Your Crew

a woman checking her phone at night

If you've been feeling like a communication failure since baby arrived, use this time to catch up with friends on Facebook and Instagram. The Facebook Messenger appmakes sending messages through the site super easy, and all of your followers will be super excited to see the latest pics of your baby!

5. Organize Your Photos

a mom viewing photos on her phone

The middle of the night is the perfect time to tackle and tame the digital mess that is your phone's camera roll. Sort through and delete duplicates, and flag the ones you'd like to print or turn into a digital scrapbook. Download Shutterfly or your other favorite photo shop app onto your phone and let the photo projects begin!

6. Do Some Kegels

a woman stretching at night

Ok, our OB/GYN made us include this one. It is a new mom (and all women, really) must-do, so why not do a quick dozen or so squeezes of your pelvic floor while you're waiting for your Wi-Fi to stream that show? It practically counts as exercise.

7. Bone Up on Celebrity Gossip

a woman facing the cameras

Being busy with a baby can make a mama feel way out of the loop on life's more important things, like the latest celebrity weddings and scandals. The cure for that is hitting up TMZ in the middle of the night. Be careful: a little goes a loooong way.

8. Drop by the Blogosphere

a mommy blog site

Some seriously funny ladies post their musings on the high-reward, low-pay position known as mama. What better time to commiserate with their crazy lives than while fulfilling your crack-of-dawn new-mom duties? Some we love: the Robot MommyMommy Shorts, and Parents Need to Eat, Too.

9. Get Sucked into Pinterest

a tablet showing pinterest

Like the ultimate magazine for whatever your domestic interest, Pinterest's highly visual site is an easy spot to while away some time. Feel free to sleep-pin whatever strikes your fancy at 3 a.m, you might even find it useful in the morning!

10. Hang Out in the Mom365 Community

mom365 community website

You're not the only mama up with a baby. Drop by the Mom365 Community in the middle of the night and you'll likely find other moms dishing out advice and seeking some for themselves (like, how do I get this baby to sleep?!). Drop by and say hello!

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