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10 Reasons To Love Having a Baby Girl


Little girls might not really be made of sugar and spice and everything nice, but there are plenty of reasons to rejoice in your mini-me. From the great clothes to the fact that she'll be modeling herself on you and more, little girls are the best.

Here are 10 reasons why to love having a baby girl.

1. The Clothes!

a woman checking out some clothes at the store

The beautiful dresses, the varied patterns, the cheery colors, plus ruffles and lace: no doubt about it, baby girl clothes are adorable. More options and a wider selection than you'll find in the boys' department makes outfitting your girl the best game of dress-up ever.

2. The Hair

a young girl looking at the camera with a grin

Your little girl might start out bald, but soon she's sure to have a head full of hair that just begs to be styled and decorated. From braids and pigtails to sparkly barrettes and oversized headbands, the options for beautifying your baby girl's hair are endless, if that's your MO.

3. A Chance to Relive Your Childhood

a young mom sitting with her daughter at the park

The difference between being a mom to a girl versus a mom to a boy is that you were once a little girl yourself! You can tap into childhood memories for ideas on what she might like to play, or encourage her to pursue activities that you enjoyed. Just be careful not to live too vicariously through her: it's fine to put her in, say, beauty pageants because she wants to do them, but not because you've always felt like you were robbed of that Little Miss Princess crown.

4. The Conversation

a young girl sitting on a sofa talking on a phone

Little girls tend to start talking earlier than boys and may quickly become tiny communicators. After about 18 months of hosting countless one-sided conversations, many moms welcome this newfound verbosity!

5. The Female Connection

a mom holding up her baby girl

You're a girl, she's a girl: There's something to be said for belonging to the same gender! Some moms find it easier to connect to their little girls than boys, since the wiring is the same.

6. The Hand-Me-Downs and Consignment Finds

a young girl in a ballet dress

Tell friends you have a baby girl on the way and the hand-me-downs will start flooding in. No one close to you have a girl? No matter: since people love to buy (and buy and buy) baby girl clothes, they often end up flooding consignment stores filled with gently-used pink and purple onesies just for your picking. In fact, a new mama of a girl could probably get by solely on hand-me-downs and consignment finds. It's not usual to find baby girl clothes still with the tags on at the local thrift store—score!

7. The Chance to Be a Role Model

a girl toddler sitting on a seat

Little girls want to grow up to be just like their mamas. There's no one she adores and admires more—how sweet is that!

8. The Nicknames

a young girl sitting in a park

They're a reflection of your little girl's spunkiness, or sweet nature, or some awesome ability you just can't help but be amazed by: no matter what your baby girl's nickname, she earned it through some demonstration of what's in her head and her heart. And there's so much more personality and individuality in her to discover!

9. The Girl Parts

a mom changing her baby's diaper

Fear not changing the diaper of a baby girl. No need for a carefully-positioned peepee teepee here, she'll never take aim at you!

10. Girls Rock!

a group of moms posing with their daughters

That universal sign for ladies' room, in which the woman looks like she is wearing a dress? That's actually a cape, because women are superheroes! Aren't you happy to have a baby girl to raise up to be amazing?

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