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10 Reasons To Love Having a Baby Boy


Lucky enough to be raising a bouncing baby boy? Hooray! There are plenty of reasons to rejoice in your mini-me.

Here are 10 reasons why having that little guy rocks.

1. The Clothes

a young boy sitting on a towel at the beach

Sure, baby girls' clothes might be cuter, but boys' togs are simpler and fewer in number, which makes a new mama's life much easier. This simplicity comes with a hidden bonus: you won't spend nearly as much money dressing your little guy as you would a girl.

2. His Energy Is Super Fun

two parents playing with their son at a park

Little boys tend to be very physical and very high energy. It's pure pleasure (and occasionally a little nervewracking) to watch as they discover the world.

3. The No-Care Hair

a young boy getting a haircut

Born bald? No matter, he's a boy! And when his hair comes in, it's likely to be low maintenance. You might even be able to cut it yourself at home. Beats fighting tangles and struggling with braids!

4. Boys Love Their Mamas

a mom playing with her son in a park

Call it the Oedipus complex if you must, but no one can deny that baby boys have an extra-special love for their moms. Enjoy that unconditional adoration while it lasts, mamas!

5. There's Less Pressure

a young baby boy looking hungry

Sure you're his mom, but he's more likely to want to marry someone like you than actually be you. With a girl, you're required to show her how to be a woman, for better or worse; with a boy, there's none of that gender role model pressure.

6. The Nicknames

a baby boy playing on a sofa

Bud, little dude, stinker, monkey... what do you call your boy? Baby nicknames tend to reflect some quirk or individuality your little guy has shown that makes you smile. They're such a sweet way to express affection for your little gent!

7. A Window Into Your Hubby's Childhood

a dad swinging his son around

His mom has told you some stories, but the best glimpse into how your husband or partner was as a child is through your little guy. Maybe you can see the resemblance in the photos, or your partner loves to go toy shopping and bring home classics that he loved as a kid. Having a little boy around is sure to bring out the kid in your guy, right down to the toy airplane noises and sandcastle-building contests.

8. A Chance To Play With "Boy" Toys

mom playing with her son and some building blocks

Growing up girl, you likely had more Barbies than blocks, or perhaps you were a true tomboy who loved getting dirty and playing guns. Whatever the case, your little guy probably loves trains, sticks, balls, and other traditionally "boy" toys. Here's your chance to dial into the world of rough and tumble play, whether you missed out on it in your childhood or just miss your childhood!

9. There's No Pink

a mom checking up on her baby

Just ask the mother of a girl, it's pretty easy to get sick of pink everything. But you never hear anyone complain about too much blue (or green, brown, or the other traditionally masculine colors).

10. No Cycles to Sync

a mom posing with her son

Even the most ardent fans of women fear puberty and the accompanying hormonal mood swings of teenage girls. As mom to a boy, you won't be immune to trying teenage times, of course, but at least you'll never have to worry about being on the same cycle (read: twice the hormonal madness!).

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