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How To Handle The Pressures of Being a Mom


Moms face a lot of pressure- you are supposed to have a spotless house, contribute to the income (even if you are a stay at home mom), take care of the kids (making sure they know their ABC's and can name all their colors by the time they are a year old), keep the family schedule, serve Pinterest level meals, make every holiday the "best ever",  and do it all while looking like a supermodel. While moms are some of the most capable human beings on the planet, it can be a struggle to do it all. The best kept secret in getting it all done is pretty simple.... just don't.  

It's impossible to meet everyone's expectations, so the secret is to let it go and let yourself off the hook.  That’s easier said than done, so here's a few "secrets", that you can use to help keep your priorities in focus:

  • Make a list. Keeping a list of those items that need to be done can be a huge help, but it also can be overwhelming. Make out your list and organize it into the things that HAVE to get done, and the things that you can let go of, but would be nice to get accomplished. When you organize your list, keep your 'big goals and priorities in line with the items that you select as "have to get done". Separate the "have to do's" from the "want to do" - for example, you may want a spotless kitchen floor, but maybe sitting down and working with your little one who is eager to learn his/her letters should be a higher priority for that day. It doesn't mean the floor never gets done, but make sure your priorities line up with what's really important. 
  • Ask yourself what you can let go of. Maybe it's a commitment that you took on when you had a bit more time, maybe your child is signed up for five activities and it could be cut down by a few, or maybe you are just putting too much pressure on yourself to get it all done. Take a look at what you are doing in a day and figure out one or two things that you can let go of.
  • Delegate. You don't have to do this alone!  There are single moms out there, and moms with husbands who don't want to help- but you can still get help.  Your kids can help, at any age.  Take the time to give them the chance to help when they are young, with small things- and keep them engaged in helping as they grow.  Maybe their bedroom won't be as organized as it would if you did it- but let them take responsibility for it and take that item off your list.  You may need to do a quick follow up with them to make sure they are working on it, but don’t be afraid to let them take on the responsibility.  
  • Don't compare yourself. The compare game leads to dangerous territory. If you see a mom that seems to be able to serve those Pinterest meals each day and you struggle to get the chance to order a pizza - don’t use that as a measure of yourself. Chances are the Pinterest mommy is struggling in some other area, that you are really good at. Appreciate your strengths and your weaknesses, as a part of who you are.    
  • Take some time for fun. You need a break!  Once a week, set aside some time to just relax and enjoy life.  You don't have to organize activities for the family- just stop and enjoy those around you, with no expectations.  You will feel refreshed and will be ready to tackle what needs done again after you have had the chance to rest.  
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