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8 Ways for Moms to Stay Motivated with Weight Loss


Sometimes it’s easier to forgo a sweaty gym session in favor of pajamas and a snuggly night on the couch with your buddies Ben and Jerry. Yet you want to swiftly chase your toddler—and wearing those cute jeans would be a sweet bonus. Try eight fresh ways to keep going.

Lindsay Wright is a mom and NASM-certified personal trainer. Find her at

1. Have an Accountability Partner

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Choose someone in your life who motivates you (without annoying you) and tell her about your weight loss goals. The level of accountability you have with them will be up to you, but simply having someone to vent your frustrations to and high-five when you achieve a goal is worth a lot!

2. Set up a Reward System

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A manicure, pedicure, new outfit, movie date—choose something you rarely spend money on and set it as your reward for meeting a weight loss goal. You can even “pay” yourself $1 every time you hit the gym. By the end of the month, you’ll have enough money to treat yourself to something nice! Call it “sweat equity!”

3. Make A Food Journal

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Studies have shown that writing down every morsel that goes into our mouths makes us eat less (no kidding—I don’t want to remember those two three cookies either!) Buy yourself a spiral notebook and start logging everything—you might just be surprised how many mindless nibbles occur during the day. You can also look back over the notebook as a way to motivate you to make better food choices.

4. Use Technology to Motivate

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Get techno-savvy and download some of the latest food and fitness tracking apps onto your smartphone! There are SO many healthy living apps on the market that can help you track your food and water intake, provide new and exciting daily workouts and help you organize everything online! Some of our favorites include: MyFitnessPal, Daily Mile, MapMyRun and Pocket Yoga! Bonus—most of these apps are FREE!

5. Try Something New

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Try a group fitness class at your gym, such as Zumba or Boot Camp. Group fitness classes can be a fun, new change in your boring treadmill routine. PLUS, your body actually burns MORE calories when you switch things up. Aim to vary your fitness routine every month.

6. Track Your Water

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Keeping tabs on your water intake can be a great way to make sure you stay properly hydrated. Aim for at least 64 ounces of water per day. (Coffee and caffeinated teas don't count as they can have a diuretic effect.)

7. Envision the 'Best You'

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Think about what you’d like YOUR body to look like (without falling into the comparison trap). Envision yourself climbing a mountain or playing outside with your kids without getting winded. What does your body look like? Having a mental image goal can help you when you’re ready to give up!

8. Be Kind to Yourself

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Finally, remember the cliché but true saying—“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” If you have a bad morning or night or day on this journey, start over tomorrow! Ease up on yourself a bit and know that lasting weight loss doesn’t happen overnight. You can DO this! Try, try again!

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