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Just the Two of You - Make Some Time!


Sure, you're ready for all the challenges of fatherhood. What you didn't plan on was having your partner morph into a sleeping machine with an upset tummy during pregnancy. Rejoice: Those first trimester blues are fading fast. When the second trimester hits, most moms-to-be are feeling good, so act soon and don't let the moment pass. Whether you cross the ocean or the street, make time to celebrate with a getaway just for the two of you - a babymoon.

First, the rules: In most cases, doctors permit flying during the second trimester. "In terms of travel, we usually don't put any restrictions on women in their second trimester of pregnancy," notes Hope S. Langer, M.D., of St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital in New York, adding reminders to stay hydrated and avoid "travel to place(s) so remote that you can't get medical attention if you need it." In short, forget the frozen tundra or other challenging locations (places with no potable water, for instance). Invest in travel insurance in case you need to cancel.

Other things to consider:

  • Plan a weekend trip. If you're saving vacation days for the baby's arrival, consider taking a weekend or overnight trip. September at the beach or a summer stay at a ski resort can be extra-romantic, more affordable and full of surprises. You may have the sunny sitting room of a B&B all to yourselves or get some extra dessert from a staff happy to have you. Some hotels offer special rates, his-and-her prenatal massages or unique baskets for the special occasion; check to find special deals.
  • Take a hike. Save Mt. Everest for when the kids are older and you two want a challenge. Short hikes in the woods allow you some time with each other and nature. Pack a picnic and enjoy the peace and quiet of the moment.
  • Mangia, mangia! The second trimester is the time to eat. The nausea's probably gone but her stomach isn't too squished - and she has every excuse to nosh. Try a hot spot or a romantic locale that wouldn't dare serve chicken nuggets or hot dogs.
  • Head to the beach. The wheel was a great invention but just try to push a Graco through the sand. In other words, revel in the carefree pleasures of pre-stroller life while you can. And who can doubt the romantic pull of a moonlit stroll near the surf?
  • Just have fun! Avoid roller coasters and don't run with the bulls in Pamplona, but get out there and do what you love (provided you're careful, take rest breaks and drink enough water). Opt for cross-country skiing instead of downhill and skip horseback riding but go sailing on a calm bay. The bottom line? Seize the day. Your little one will be here soon and who knows when the two of you will be able to steal away on your own again?

This information is not a substitute for personal medical, psychiatric or psychological advice.

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