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How to Help Mom Get Back into Shape


After the birth of your beautiful baby, you and your partner might be wondering whether Mom's pre-baby body is gone forever. There's one important thing you both should remember in addressing this weighty issue: Mom needs to feel and look healthy, not hipper! "Getting in shape" means something different for every woman's body, depending on the amount of weight gained during pregnancy, a mom's pre-baby fitness, and whether or not she is breastfeeding.

Whatever your partner's shape-up goals, there are ways you can help her. From the tips below, pick those that fit your lives as a couple and that can best help you and your partner remain close during the post baby adjustment period.

Take care of the baby so she can go to the gym

Plan this for times that best fit everyone's schedule; you might try three nights a week and a couple of hours on the weekend. Not only will the workouts help your partner get back into shape physically, but they will also go a long way toward keeping her emotionally and mentally fit.

Help with meal prep

All those pregnancy cravings she had for high-calorie foods may have turned into a habit. With your help on kitchen prep and clean-up duty, lighter meals and snacks can help entice her back into shape.

Join Mom in aerobic exercise

Before work or when you get home, try a long walk or run, a visit to the health club, a little dancing, or whatever appeals to both of you. Even if you're both tired, getting your heart pumping can energize you. Put the baby in a stroller, or, if your health club offers babysitting, take advantage of it if it meets your standards.

Put some romance back into your life

Prepare a healthy dinner with candlelight and music, then spend an hour dancing in the dining room.

Do housework together

It's much more fun than doing it alone, plus it's faster and it burns calories!

Get the grandparents involved

If Grandma and Grandpa live nearby and have the time and energy, they may be eager to come take care of the baby for a couple of hours while your partner takes a brisk walk or heads to her favorite gym.

Help her get enough rest

Rest is just as important as exercise for physical and mental health. Get up with the baby during the night as often as you can, so your partner won't feel sluggish during the day.

Don't forget to praise for the effort she is making to exercise

It will keep her morale up while she gets back into shape.

Above all, avoid nagging

You know how you feel when somebody nags you about things you do or don't do, so keep it positive. A compliment is worth a thousand nags.

This information is not a substitute for personal medical, psychiatric or psychological advice.

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