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Top Crazy New Dad Emotions After Baby is Born


What a miracle your baby is! You used to spend lots of time watching TV, and now all you can do is gaze at this brand-new person. There's just something about the tiny fingers, the little toes, the squeaks and gurgles that have captured your heart and won't let go. You're overwhelmed by love for him, so much so that just holding him can bring you to tears of joy.

You wonder who this emotional mess is, and it scares you when you see it's you! Where did the strong person go, that guy whose primary feelings were limited to mad, bad and glad? Oh sure, you fell in love with your partner and still get funny feelings when you see her. But this is different. This baby turns you into a quivering mass of jelly.

You haven't been this kind of mess since you were six and ready to cry at the slightest provocation. But you're not six anymore; you're supposed to have more self-control. Still, the baby.... He's just so beautiful!

That scary lovin’ feeling

These powerful emotions are natural - just ask any father. But they can be unnerving - do you feel uncomfortable about something outside your control is changing you? Many people do. And it's surprising to feel so strongly for such a fragile new being - especially one who's your responsibility. 

This scary feeling is the same one that might have made you resist initially when you felt yourself falling in love for the first time - until you realized that it could be an exciting new adventure and a chance to explore new human territory. That’s when a budding relationship suddenly became an opportunity, not a threat. The same goes for your new true love - your baby.

When your baby reawakens your ability to feel deeply - to feel at a depth that will bond the two of you together forever - let it happen and enjoy it. It is some of the best love you'll ever experience.

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