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8 Ways to Be the Best Dad Ever!


Want to be a winner in the most precious game in town? We’ve got a secret formula that will help you win the unconditional love and admiration of your child and help your child grow into the bestest he can be.

  1. Spend time with your child. Forgo the ball game on TV, the phone call you “have” to make, the paper waiting to be read - and pay attention to what he’s saying to you. 
  2. Be kind to your child. When you are patient, praise good behavior and set clear and consistent boundaries, you send your child the message that you care about his well-being. A child needs to know the boundaries, or “family rules,” for his behavior in order to feel secure in the world and to know that he matters to the most important people in his life - you! Rules, such as “Please say ‘please’ when you want a drink of water”; or “When you finish putting your toys away, then you may play your favorite game,” clearly let a child know how to get along in the world - a precious gift you are giving him early in life. 
  3. Read to your child. You’ll help her develop a love of books and language, and the two of you can appreciate the closeness of a hug in the process! 
  4. Control your anger. That way, your child will learn from you that she can react to his own frustration without exploding in a tantrum. 
  5. Show empathy. Let your child know that you understand how frustrating it is to have big people be in charge of what she puts on, what she eats and what she does every day, when she wants to be in charge of those things too! 
  6. Praise good behavior. Children need just as much attention when they follow the rules as when they don’t. When your child does something that you approve of (says please, pats the baby gently, goes to bed on time, turns off the light), explicitly point out how much you like that behavior. When you pay attention to good behavior, it is more likely to be repeated - and eventually it will become a healthy habit. 
  7. Use manners that are designed to help others feel comfortable, and your child will learn the root of good manners from you.
  8. Behave with love and caring toward everyone you meet, teaching your child to treat others with respect, too.
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