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10 Ways to be a Calm Mom


Though mothering is mostly a joy, every parent has those days when the bliss is buried under a mountain of to-do items, which may include sleep. Here are some ways to get your mama groove on every day.

  1. Dance
  2. a woman listening to music while wearing headphones

    Boogie in the living room (or wherever) for five minutes a day—with your baby, alone, just because. It’s fun for Mama and will remind your wee one of happy times in the womb.

  3. Drink plenty of water
  4. a woman leaning against the fridge while drinking a glass of water

    Hydration balances mood and pretty much every system in your body.

  5. Be Grateful
  6. a pencil writing the word 'thanks'

    Every day, name three things you’re thankful for; it’s an instant joy boost.

  7. Create!
  8. a young woman holding up her paint covered hands

    Make something each day, even if it’s just a doodle. It will help you feel like you.

  9. Ask for support
  10. two woman laughing whole holding cups of coffee

    Call a trusted friend, visit a welcoming message board—and receive. Also, give support—check in with someone and see how she’s doing; you’ll both benefit.

  11. Laugh
  12. a mom laughing in bed with her baby

    Find something hilarious about today, which shouldn’t be difficult with your funny little one around.

  13. Sleep when your baby sleeps
  14. a woman lying in a bed with a eye mask on

    Cliché and hard to do—but true.

  15. Write
  16. a woman reading a book

    When you can, take notes. Try the one-sentence journal or a six-word memoir.

  17. Eat your greens
  18. a mom cooking some vegetables with her daughter

    Fresh veggies make everything better. You can also mash them up in a blender when your baby is ready for food—she may love them too!

  19. Move, preferably outside
  20. a couple riding some bikes together in a park

    Even if you’re exhausted, go for a walk. Fresh air is essential to sanity. And when it rains: Pop in a yoga or fitness DVD, or gently stretch.

  21. Be kind to yourself
  22. a mom smiling at the camera

    You’re doing your best. After that: Have faith, let go, trust.

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