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Our Top Ways to Make Your Baby Laugh


We polled moms on how they make their babies laugh - here are our favorite responses.

  • Bounce a soft rubber ball off of my head and make a sound like an otter.
  • Put blocks on our heads or on his head, and then pretend to sneeze and make the blocks fall off.
  • Bounce him on my legs and say ah boo ah boo...
  • Play tag - I crawl after her, she runs after me.
  • a baby laughing

  • Drop something and make a weird noise.
  • Sniff in her ear like a puppy dog.
  • Howl like a wolf.
  • Make a low to high pitch sound and do that while my face is coming towards his.
  • Act like I fell down.
  • Pretend to get scared.
  • Say vowel sounds.
  • Pretend to eat his ribs.
  • Pretend to sneeze.
  • Say "Moo."
  • Chase him around.
  • Look at tabloid magazines.
  • Make snorting noises like a pig.
  • Kiss behind his ears.
  • Blow on the baby's toes.
  • Dance to music in the mirror.
  • "Eat" the baby.
  • Take his hands to tickle his own belly.
  • Make knocking noises with my tongue.
  • Dance around like a chicken.
  • Bark like a dog while making funny faces at the same time...then go into the baby's neck barkin'...
  • Squeaky windshield wipers.
  • Let him chase me around the house. Great exercise!
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