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10 Things to Love About Modern Parenting


Parenting today isn’t exactly like it was when our parents were holding down the job. Here are 10 ways we think being a mom today is way easier than it was then.

1. Baby Apps

a pregnant woman sitting on the sofa while looking at her phone

Want to track your newborn's feeding patterns, diaper output, and sleep cycles? No need to watch the clock and scratch down notes: instead, there's an app for that. Which makes it far easier to precisely answer your pediatrician when she asks how many diapers you're burning through every day. We love the pregnancy tracker apps too!

2. Baby Carriers

a young boy being held in a baby carrier

Unless they were comfortable swathing themselves in a sarong, our moms didn't have an option for baby wearing. They just had their hips when little Johnny insisted on being carried. With the plethora of soft-sided baby carriers in the market these days, we moms are spoiled with options to secure our little ones safely on board,

3. Organic Baby Products

a young baby sitting in a bath

True, our moms didn't know there was formaldehyde in the best-selling baby shampoo they used on our hair. But modern moms discovered the questionable ingredient, and that's why Johnson & Johnson is in the process of modifying their classic formula to address the concerns of today’s mamas. Not that we’re tied to those bottles of golden shampoo anyway--today there are plenty of organic, all natural baby products readily available in major retailers and online.

4. The Internet

a young mom working on her laptop while holding her baby

Has anything revolutionized modern parenting like the Internet? With its wealth of information, online communities, and mommy advice-swaps, the web has changed the way we parent. It no longer takes a village. Now it just takes a quick Google.

5. Safer Playgrounds

a young boy going down a slide

Play equipment is forever evolving, and so it's not to say that we've hit the tipping point on perfectly safe but still super fun playground equipment. But what's out there now is definitely a step up from the dangerous (merry go rounds), pinch-y (teeter totters), and sometimes flaming-hot (metal slides) equipment we played on as kids.

6. Smartphones

a young mom taking a selfie with her and her baby

Yes, they can be a distracting time-suck, but the smartphone does play an important role in the modern parent’s life. They display instantaneous maps to the nearest playground, info on the latest kid activities, provide endless mommy-and-me selfie opportunities, and so much more. For the shy parent, texting to schedule playdates is a godsend. We often ask ourselves, what did we do before we had these phones? We’re really not sure.

7. Premium Strollers

a baby sitting in a baby stroller

Even today’s lower-end strollers are deluxe when compared with the buggies of yesteryear, many of which resembled folding chairs with wheels. For the tots lucky enough to have a high-end stroller, a day out is a luxurious proposition: super comfy seats and superior suspension mean a smooth ride. One-handed steering and folding, a stylish profile, a 360-degree turning radius, and adjustable handlebars are just a few of the reasons today’s parents are being lured into spending in the upper hundreds for these premium products. Given that most moms use their strollers every day for several years, a high-end one can actually be a wise investment.

8. Diaper Delivery

a delivery man delivering nappies to a mom

For the busy, semi-frazzled mom, diaper delivery is truly amazing. No more running out to the store to pick up a pack of overpriced disposable dipes. Today’s mom gets scheduled free deliveries of diapers (and wipes, diaper pail refills, baby products, even groceries). It’s better than the milk man. It’s subscription!

Amazon even offer 20% off their diaper delivery service if you are a prime member.

9. Baby Food Pouches

a selection of baby food in pouches

Pity moms who (not that long ago) had to tote tiny spoons and clunky jars of baby food in their diaper bags. While we don’t suggest feeding your little one every meal from a baby food pouch, we do love them for their ease and relative tidiness, especially when we’re out and about. This fast-growing category of baby food continues to expand and offer more flavors and options, find some here

10. Kid-Friendly Everything

a group of kids playing in a ball pit

From play areas in malls and restaurants to an explosion of classes and activities for kids, parents today have a lot more options for entertaining their little ones than our parents seemed to have. Add in the increased number of dentists, hair salons, and clothing stores catering to kids, and you have a kid’s world out there. And where there are happy kids, there are happy parents!

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