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Photo Inspired Accessories and Jewelry


Mom365's deep roots in photography means we love any opportunity to geek out with all things camera. So we found a bunch of fun, lens-inspired jewelry and accessories on Etsy to celebrate the art of capturing your baby's every adorable, clickable moment.

Camera Ring

a ring with a camera design

This silver ring also comes in bronze and will remind you to pick up that camera, now! $6.95 at Etsy's BevinBold shop.

Retro Camera Scarf

a photo inspire scarf

Drape yourself in retro cameras! Comes in white, beige, pink, and grey. $12 from Etsy's DouScarf shop.

Small Camera Printed Bag

a shopping bag with a camera design

We heart this pink cotton bag for stashing lip balm—essential for selfies with your baby! $24 from Etsy's SoundOfHome shop.

Instagram Earrings

a pair of earring with an Instagram design

The virtual is made actual with these handmade earrings of the Instagram logo. We're favoriting these! $15 from Etsy's ColorMeKawaii shop.

Camera Hair Clip

a bowtie with a camera

This tiny camera clip would be adorable in a little girl's hair. $5 from Etsy's MorbidStewArt shop.

Pastel Camera Purse

a purse with a camera design

We heart this cute, practical handbag adorned with cameras. $45 from Etsy's TootsiePieDesigns shop.

Knitted Camera Headband

a woman smiling while wearing a camera beanie

Keep that head toasty and camera-ready with a sweet headband. $25 from Etsy's LittleWorksOfGrace shop.

Silkscreened Camera Tote Bag

a handbag with a camera design

A great size for popping to the store, this old-school camera is already full of charm. $15.32 from Etsy's BYKI shop.

Printed Camera Throw Pillow

a personalized cushion

Snaz up your place and show your photo love with this chic, witty pillow. $24 from Etsy's goodsbygirl shop.

Stamped Silver Ring

a ring with a camera design

A streamlined statement piece, this cool sterling silver ring would work on a man or a woman. $25 from Etsy's JenniferWood shop.

Birthstone Camera Necklace

a woman wearing a camera shaped necklace

Shout-out to your love of snaps and color with this sweet bauble. $21.95 from Etsy's SpotLightJewelry shop.

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