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10 Ways to Make Your First Mother's Day Special


Congrats—it’s your first Mother’s Day! How will you make it special? You’ve got a blank slate to start your own traditions or just enjoy a simple day. Here are some ideas to make your first Mother’s Day your own, and fabulous.

1. Appoint a Planner

a person writing in a planner

Whether it’s you or your partner, put someone in charge of making this day special, or brainstorm together. Make sure you both recognize it’s a big day!

2. Be Present

a mom getting presents on mothers day

Whether it’s sweet and romantic, sparkly, or even practical, getting a gift of appreciation goes a long way. But this is no time for expectations that aren’t met.  If you want something from your partner, talk it up. Leave VERY CLEAR hints! Let him hear you talking to baby or a buddy about something you’d like for Mother’s Day.

3. Pamper Yourself

a mom getting a massage

You’re always nurturing baby; now is the time to take great care yourself.  Spend the afternoon at a spa, soak in a bubble bath, get a massage, or just read a book. If quiet time is your idea of a good time, ask your partner to make it happen.

4. Eat!

a tray of breakfast sitting on a bed

Whether it’s breakfast in bed, brunch, dinner out or ordered in, fruit salad or fro-yo, make sure you don’t spend the day cooking! It’s a great day for some celebratory munching together.

5. Celebrate Spring

flowers blooming in spring

Visit a local garden or special park. Pack baby up in her carrier and take a short hike, or simply visit a pretty flower shop. Explore a butterfly exhibit or help an older baby plant seeds in a pot or in the back yard. Whether it’s playing in the dirt or taking in the all colors and scents of a garden, it can make a Mother’s Day memorable.

6. Have an Adventure!

a family visiting the zoo

With baby, even naptime can be an adventure, but if you’re up to it, try something new. Go to a diner, or the zoo, or if you want to stay home, do something new, like play with a new toy.

7. Do Something Baby Loves

a mom swinging a baby around in a field

Whether it’s baby blowing kisses, giving a special cuddle, or doing a finger painting, it’s a nice tradition that will only get better. Each year my husband and children make me a construction paper crown covered with photos of the kids and drawings by them. When they were tiny, he’d help them hold a crayon and make squiggles on it or use this edible finger paint.

8. Have Baby Say, 'Happy Mother’s Day!'

a baby doing finger painting

There’s something about being pregnant that tends to turn your brain into pudding. We’d love to say it gets better after you give birth, but those sleepless nights are going to short-circuit everything for a while. Forgive yourself for putting the milk in the cabinet and the cereal in the fridge--hormones make things kind of crazy. Laugh it off and carry on.

9. Do the Opposite

a mom lying in a hammock

If you feel like you’re always at the office and never get a chance to relax—do the opposite—stay home. If you feel like you’re always home, make sure you get out. Change it up on Mother’s Day. But the most important thing is to try to do just what you want to do.

10. Celebrate Women

three generations of women together

Don’t forget to connect with your own mom or mother-in-law, aunts, or a neighbor. If they’re no longer around, take some time to remember all the wonderful things they did for you. And if you don't have great relationships with or memories of your mom, create new ones with those other moms and know you're creating beautiful memories with your own kids, today.

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