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Learn Your Toddler's Astrology

During Year 1 and 2


See what's in the starts for your toddler during year one and two.

Year One

Your Aquarius baby in Year One

January 21 - February 19

Baby Aquarius is the inventor of the zodiac. Your child has the gift of brilliance and an unusual personality. With these come erratic sleeping and feeding, so prepare for sleepless nights and be patient until you find a routine that works. Intellectual development is the driving force for your little Aquarius; he’ll appreciate interesting shapes and colors in the nursery, and is likely to talk early. Aquarians are so interesting, you won’t mind hearing what yours has to say!

Your Pisces baby in Year One 

February 20 - March 20

Baby Pisces is a sweet dreamer. She wants to be in your arms, but can be happy in her crib, too, because her rich imagination makes alone time enjoyable. Little fish love pictures and music – fill your baby's world with both - but are easily over-stimulated. Cram too much into her schedule, or too many people into her space, and you’ll end up with a cranky fish. Pisces infants can seem to lag developmentally, but don’t be deceived. This very intelligent child is taking in the world, and her creative gifts will amaze you!

Your Aries baby in Year One

March 21 -­ April 20

From birth, Aries is a communicative child – and a loud one! Your little ram will let you know her needs and settle quickly once they're met; by the six-month mark, she can learn to wait a few moments. This baby sleeps lightly and in small doses. The bright side: You can take your stimulus-craving infant out with you. The busier you are, the happier she'll be. Little Aries loves to be where the action is and thrives on interactive games like peek-a-boo. Enjoy your outgoing and affectionate baby!

Your Taurus baby in Year One 

April 21 - May 21

Baby Taurus is a sensual creature who enjoys good smells, sounds, tastes and touch. Your infant loves to cuddle - a baby sling could be your best friend for a while - and he hates to be dirty. Little bulls have great appetites; listen for little appreciative snorts while your infant feeds and watch out when it comes to formula or solids, since Taurus can easily overeat. Your baby will grow attached to soft blankets, cuddly toys and a routine. Keep to a schedule, and you’ll have a happy baby bull. 

Your Gemini baby in Year One

May 22 - June 21

You're the parent of an inquisitive and bubbly baby. Little Gemini's quick mind is easily stimulated, which can make it hard for her to unwind. A routine, with a warm bath and soft music at bedtime, will help. During feedings, this baby will be focused on gazing at you and might not seem to be eating enough. Her appetite will regulate itself if you stay calm; for Gemini, calm parent equals calm baby. Read and sing to your word-loving little one from birth; as soon as she can, she'll join in.  

Your Cancer baby in Year One 

June 22 - July 22

Your sensitive little Cancer is a sensitive soul who loved the womb. Now he wants to be in your arms 24/7; a baby swing is a great substitute. Cancer baby loves the comfort of breast or bottle and may want to suck nonstop, so try creating a schedule. And don't fret about milestones; little crabs are cautious, but with a gentle nudge, he'll do it when he's ready. This child is tuned in to your mood; lessen the stress and ease the transition for you both by taking it easy on yourself for a while during the early weeks.  

Your Leo baby in Year One 

July 23 - August 21

Baby Leo is a ray of sunshine. Full of smiles, this child knows she’s the center of your universe – and that’s the way she likes it! A magnetic personality, Leo will keep you enthralled and at her beck and call; be prepared to hear about it if you don't meet her needs immediately. Your baby has a strong will and wants to be independent as quickly as possible, so she may walk before her peers are crawling - expect busy days ahead!

Your Virgo baby in Year One 

August 22 - September 23

Baby Virgo is a sweet-natured soul who's happy to have her milk, a soft bed and a predictable routine. Don't expect big displays of joy - this child is mild mannered and serious, so first smiles might take a while. Virgo loves being sparkly clean and will complain when she's not, but she's too refined to make a loud fuss. Eager to absorb information; this adult wanna-be willshe'll be happiest when you open the wide world to her.

Your Libra baby in Year One 

September 24 - October 23

Baby Libra is a sweet and gentle, go-with-the-flow type of child who might even need waking when it's time to eat. This born diplomat loves to communicate. From day one, he'll charm you and everyone else around - expect him to do well in baby groups and classes from early on. Try to surround your little Libra with vibrant colors. He's an artist who loves observing nature's beauty and listening to music. Enjoy your refined baby!

Your Scorpio baby in Year One 

October 24 - November 22

Your Scorpio child came into the world knowing what he needs. Sensitive and wise, he'll set a rhythm for feedings and sleep that feels right for him - just follow his lead. Scorpio can seem like a serious old soul in early infancy, but as he learns to trust, you'll see him laugh, especially if you let him know what’s going on in his world; information helps him feel safe. Your baby is likely to grow attached to comfort objects - keep doubles! And expect some early power struggles; best to let baby cry it out on occasion.

Your Sagittarius baby in Year One 

November 23 - December 22

Your little Sagittarius is here to party! He's a natural jokester and an optimist who sees the bright side of everything – lucky you! Baby archers crave knowledge and seek independence. Your little one will work hard to do it all himself, so expect very active days. Nap time will be a struggle; if your baby won't sleep, enforce a daily crib quiet time. He’ll chatter away happily to himself and "friends" - yes, early talking is the Sag norm. Enjoy this outgoing and charming baby! 

Your Capricorn baby in Year One

December 23 - January 20

Baby Capricorn has arrived with a job description. She’s here to be a productive adult, and babyhood may confound her. Close swaddling, lots of contact and a predictable routine will help her feel more secure as she adjusts to being just a baby. Little goats enjoy creature comforts: A clean diaper and food on demand help ease Cap tensions. Once your baby can grasp a toy, she'll stay busy with the “work” at hand. This child wants to be useful, so include her in tasks, and she loves books; a cozy spot for cuddly storytime will make you both happy.

Year Two

Your Aquarius baby in Year Two

January 21 - February 19

Independent Aquarius is ready to move on. Programmed for exploration, she's likely to be on the move earlier than most babies. Pay special attention to her safety: the Aquarius baby has no fear. She might well be an early talker, too, and it won't be long before she's rebelling against your authority with "no."

Baby Aquarius is a social animal. Getting her involved in group activities will redirect much of her daredevil tendencies. As this baby matures, keep her mind engaged in puzzles and construction toys; it will help engage your Aquarius child's tremendous mental energy.

Once your baby seems interested in potty training, give her a logical explanation of the process. She is a natural intellectual who responds to a scientific approach, so keep it clinical, and you may have early success!

Your Pisces baby in Year Two

February 20 - March 20

Ah, the dreamer of the zodiac! Little Pisces is a poet in the making, so don't be surprised if your baby seems to spend much of his second year in his own world. This child has a rich imagination and strong intuition - embrace his sensitive nature. The more gentleness and love you can invest in his care, the more you’ll reap the rewards of having a magical person in your family.

Little fish love nature and feel happiest when they're around animals they can care for – compassion and nurturing are innate Pisces traits. Art and music are wonderful outlets for the Piscean imagination, so introduce your baby to both as early and often as possible.  

Baby Pisces has a hard time expressing his needs and because he's so dreamy, he tends to ignore the messages his own body is sending him - as you'll see when it comes to potty training. Encourage your child to ask for help when he needs it and never tell him off for “accidents.” Pisces may be a slow starter in this area; your patience and kindness are the key to his success.

Your Aries baby in Year Two

March 21 -­ April 20

Your energetic little Aries will love reaching her first birthday. Independence is the name of the game for those born under the ram, so be prepared to be on the move as your baby gets into the walking groove. Your child needs movement and excitement, and will be into everything quicker than lightening. 

Aries children reach most milestones early, so it may surprise you to find your that child has no interest whatsoever in potty training. The little ram is far too busy with other interests! Remember: Aries loves nothing better than a good fight, so she'll get to the potty sooner if you don't get involved in this battle. Let your child’s interest and readiness be your guide. 

Aries tends to act first and think second, so make your toddler's environments as safe as you can so she can explore without getting hurt. At the same time, think about trying to help your baby learn to curb her impulsive behavior. Start teaching small lessons in patience - you'll find this will be a theme in the years ahead.

Your Taurus baby in Year Two

April 21 - May 21

Taurus babies are sweet and sensual, and always happiest when they’ve had a great meal followed by a warm bath and a long cuddle. Even in toddlerhood, little bulls love comfort and routine. Physical contact is a must for your baby; keep enjoying the sweetness. 

Taurus children learn through all of their senses. Toys that offer tactile sensations and are safe to mouth satisfy your child's need to explore. And don’t be fooled: Although it might seem as if your baby is lagging, he is most likely on track – Taurus just needs time to absorb information on all levels and to enjoy each sensation! 

You’ll be discovering the famous Taurean stubbornness very soon, if you haven’t already. You may find that your baby progresses quickly to full-blown temper tantrums! This is the time to start teaching about compromise and communicating needs clearly – neither one are favorite behaviors for your little bull. 

Your Gemini baby in Year Two

May 22 - June 21

Lightening quick and highly amusing, your little Gemini shifts into high gear after her first birthday. You'll be enjoying her antics and wishing for some quiet time as this baby matures! 

Sorting and stacking toys will fascinate your child. Sounds, words, music, books… the world is a fascinating place for baby Gemini. Every experience entices her to do and learn more, so embrace your baby’s curiousity by exploring the world together. 

Your little Gemini loves company and laughter, but dislikes routine. Add to this a relatively short attention span, and potty training can be frustrating! Work to your baby’s strength by keeping her company while she’s on the potty and bring books and music to keep her engaged. Before long, potty time will be lightening quick, too!

Your Cancer baby in Year Two

June 22 - July 22

Now that your little crab has reached her first birthday, you’ll see more of that Cancerian curiosity rise to the surface. Your baby has lots of energy and she digests information very quickly, although she may take her time letting on just how much she knows. Still, baby Cancer's natural shyness won't get in the way for too long if you can be patient and gentle. Initial shyness may also cause language development to lag a bit, but once she get going, your baby will have no trouble making short sentences with gusto.

Baby Cancer is most likely to put off walking until absolutely necessary. Crawling around close to the ground just feels so secure! She might not take too readily to new foods, either; however, she'll gobble up the foods she does like with genuine appreciation. Best approach to baby Cancer's mealtime: Don't push what she doesn't like.

In fact, whatever it is you want them to do, crabs respond best if they don't feel cornered. Any sign of resistance should be your signal to change your focus; if you persist, your child will be likely to dig in those heels (or claws). This goes for toilet training, too; your child might become interested in the idea around the mid-year mark, but if not, just let it go. Lots of affection and encouragement coupled with very little pressure equals a very happy Cancer baby! 

Your Leo baby in Year Two

July 23 - August 21

Your bright and bubbly Leo baby will continue to shine in her second year. Little lions are generally robust and healthy, and enjoy exploring all that life has to offer. As they cross the 12-month mark, they're ready to stretch and grow in independence.

Approval from others is a major driving force for the Leo child. As yours matures, she’ll be paying special attention to the ways in which people respond to her, depending on how she's behaving. Baby Leo takes harshness to heart, so try to focus on the positive things she does - the behaviors you want to reinforce - rather than the negative. 

Leo loves cleanliness and so your baby might be open to using the potty sooner than you’d hoped - try and tune in to opportunities to introduce the idea! Your little lion is a quick study; keep reinforcing the positive (but without being manipulative - this baby knows when she's being tricked) and she’ll be picking out her favorite training pants in a blink. 

Your Virgo baby in Year Two

August 22 - September 23

Expect the year ahead to be one of gentle exploration. Your Virgo baby is serious and highly intelligent, with a natural sense of caution when it comes to safety; this baby is keenly aware of everything in his environment. You’ll see the trademark meticulous Virgo behavior emerge as your toddler organizes his playthings - and his playing - in a specific his own structured way.

Little Virgo is his own worst critic; praise helps bring him out of his shell. Your baby may not walk or talk much until he feels he can do it to perfection, and the best way to help him get to that point is by holding back on the milestones pressure and giving him lots of hugs and kisses instead. Your patience will help Virgo relax and feel secure.

Toilet training can be a breeze with this sweet baby; he’s very interested in being dry and comfortable. Your job is to help him train himself: give him a clear set of simple instructions; offer some gentle reminders (because Virgo can become engrossed in his play); and give your baby the privacy that Virgo values.

Your Libra baby in Year Two

September 24 - October 23

Generally an easy-going and graceful baby, little Libra will be ready to enjoy an increasingly busy social agenda during her second year. Your child loves to be with other babies, so classes and mommy groups will delight her. Most likely an early walker and talker, your baby will be a social magnet wherever she goes.

The big challenge for Libra is decision making. Help her start developing this skill early on by allowing her to make choices - for example, between two shirts to wear, or two toys to bring to the park. The more practice she gets now, the stronger her decision-making "muscle" will be in the future. Bear in mind, too, that your little one is easily swayed by the opinion of others, so help her focus on how she feels. 

Baby Libra shouldn't have much trouble with potty training. Reward systems work very well with this child, and so do high praise and lots of hugs. Little Libra has an inborn sense of style and color, so let your toddler choose her own beautiful training pants! 

Your Scorpio baby in Year Two

October 24 - November 22

Scorpio baby is an intense and serious person, and this becomes increasingly obvious in the second year. The best way to handle this child's sensitivity is with lots of quiet and private time. Give plenty of cuddles when your little scorpion wants them - which might not be that often; Scorpio babies are not big cuddlers.

Now that your little one is more aware of the world around him, he’ll be fascinated by the way things work. Sorting and stacking toys, and classification games, will be favorites. Scorpio babies love tactile play, especially when water's involved; you might enjoy finger painting and molding clay together.  

You can expect baby Scorpio to test your boundaries in order to see who’s the boss - you or him. Yes, toddlerhood can be extra difficult when you're the parent of a baby born under this sign. Your best bet for handling the next year's power struggles: praise your baby when he's "good," and be clear and patient when he's not.

Your Sagittarius baby in Year Two

November 23 - December 22

Baby archers are known for their lightness and laughter, and the second year brings more of these than the first. Your baby has two speeds: full blast “on” or completely asleep. As your Sag starts toddling, she’ll need freedom to move and explore by day, especially outside, and lots of rest at night.

This child loves stories and has an unusually active imagination that can lead to fearfulness. Especially if she develops fears, you might find yourself needing to help your baby develop a sense of what's real and what’s not. Little Sag loves to learn useful skills, so help her feel valuable by including her in your daily chores.

Potty training may be a slow process. Even gentle pressure from you won't help any; instead, your baby's desire to make you happy eventually will drive her to use the potty. Just be patient, and have a potty in place so she can take the initiative when she's ready - Sagittarius loves to initiate. Use potty time to read lots of beloved stories!

Your Capricorn baby in Year Two

December 23 - January 20

Baby Capricorn will be thrilled to begin his second year. An old soul with innate wisdom (you might see it in his eyes!), your little goat will approach developmental tasks with his usual intensity. Because Cap's each next step feels as though he’s climbing the highest mountain, you can expect this baby to take a little longer to master each task. Young Capricorns love cuddles, but they need help letting go and having fun, so show your little one your silly side whenever possible.

Your baby is very curious - he needs to hear your explanations about everything that is going on in his world - and loves to feel useful. Help him experience that sense of responsibility that he craves, even at this early age, by letting him help you around the house.

Potty training little goats can be a breeze, but because Capricorn can appear more mature than he really is, make sure your baby has given you clear signs of potty readiness. Of course, this baby loves to show how grown up he is, so it’s tough to go wrong in this department.

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