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8 Things to Know About Your Scorpio Child

Learn your little one's Scorpio characteristics


Was your little one born between October 23rd-November 21st? Then she or he is a Scorpio, a sign known for emotional intensity, secrecy, and loyalty. Here's more insight into that mysterious babe you birthed.

Here's what you'll need to know about being this one's mama!

1. They're Super Secretive

a young girl being consoled by her mom

Scorpios keep everything hidden inside themselves. They crave privacy and need plenty of alone time. On the flip side, don't expect to keep anything from your highly intuitive child. Scorpios are very perceptive and are always aware when something is awry. She'll discover all family secrets and anything else you might try to hide from her intense stare.

2. They're Extremely Sensitive

a young boy crying

Although he might seem cool and collected on the outside, there is likely a emotional roller coaster occurring within your Scorpio child, particularly if he's being extra quiet or giving you the silent treatment. It's your job to coax him to share when you feel something is upsetting him. As the sign of the passions, children born under Scorpio can be extreme in their emotions, and can swing from sulking to smiling in a matter of moments.

3. Your Reassurance is Important

a young mom kissing her crying baby

Scorpios are very strong and don't like to admit they're intimidated. But although they can be brave and bold, Scorpio children also tend to harbor many fears and insecurities, and they need to feel reassurance from you that everything is ok. Offer hugs and affection, but in her own way—for a toddler this might mean cuddling as long as she will tolerate and then releasing her.

4. Mysteries Intrigue Them

a young boy dressed in a detective outfit

Like the ferocious scorpion that represents them, Scorpios like darkness and retreating into hiding. Your tiny one will love playing hide and seek and other games that allow him to disappear. They also tend to become very interested in mysteries, magic, and the fantastic. This is a child who will put on his detective hat and find your lost keys in a flash. Anything hidden is particularly intriguing for children born under this sign.

5. They're Very Strong-Willed

a young boy looking alarmed

From birth, your Scorpio baby will try to dominate you and others with her unnerving stare and boundless energy. She'll challenge all rules and boundaries, and as a highly competitive sign, she'll play to win. Whatever they do, they are the best at it. Be very firm yet gentle when disciplining a Scorpio child. These little ones have fantastic memories and a tendency to have a vindictive streak; they can hold a grudge and plot revenge like nobody's business.

6. Scorpios Are Intense

a young boy about to swing on the monkey bars

Scorpions have magnetic, intriguing personalities that can't help but attract followers, but people born under this sign tend to be introverts. They're extremely loyal to the close friends and family they do allow in. To strangers, a Scorpio child can seem impolite, indifferent, and even cruel, particularly if he thinks they are weaker than him. You may have to teach him to be considerate of others' feelings.

7. Potty Training Pointers

a young boy sitting on a potty

Little Scorpios are often fascinated by the body and its various functions, so your child may express an unusual interest in potty functions. To toilet train successfully, accept his curiousity about what you might find disgusting, and don't try to make him feel strange or ashamed about anything. If you're encouraging, patient, and respectful of his need for privacy, potty training will be a relative

8. They Can Be Possessive

two young babies playing on a play mat

These little ones may have extra difficulty sharing toys and snacks with peers, as they are often one of the more possessive signs of the zodiac. Offer praise when you notice your tiny Scorpio being generous with friends and siblings. You'll also want to ward off any outbursts from your Scorpio's jealous streak by scheduling plenty of one-on-one time with him.

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