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8 Things to Know About Your Leo Child

Learn your little one's Leo characteristics


Does your child celebrate a birthday between July 23 and August 22? You have a tiny performer on your hands! Read on to learn more about the astrology of outgoing and ambitious little Leo.

Here's what you'll need to know about being this one's mama!

1. They're Warm and Loving

a leo child kissing his mom

Leo is the sign of the sun, and some of the star's traits are reflected in children born under the sign: they're bright, warm, and love to shine. These little ones crave the admiration and adoration of their family, peers, and, well, pretty much everyone. Be lavish with the praise, encouragement, and applause, and your little lion cub will puff up with pride.

2. They Love to Be the Center of Attention

a leo zodiac child being swung by both parents

Just as the sun is the center of the universe, Leo kids believe they are too. From birth, little Leos crave attention, and they'll quickly find a way to get it. Tiny cubs are very vocal in their demands for their mamas' time and affection. They're more likely to use charm than fussiness to get the love they require.

Older Leo children have a tendency to brag and show off; it's better to gently chide them about their boasting privately than to call them out for it in public, which will wound your little cub's feelings.

3. That's One Smiley Baby

4 smiling kids looking at the camera

The Leo child is happy and cheerful, always up for fun and laughter. As energetic as they come, a baby born under this sign might be a bit more challenging than others to put to bed, as they're sure they're never tired or willing to miss out on any of the fun. Consider signing them up for a dance, drama, or gymnastics class when they're small to provide a good outlet for all that energy and outgoingness.

4. Leos Are Leaders

a leo zodiac child helping his brother climb a hill

Enthusiastic, energetic, and full of ideas, Leo children are the leaders of their pack. As this dominance can come off as bossiness, encourage your little one to let others have a turn at the top sometimes. When he's older, a good outlet could be scouting; your assertive cub would learn responsibility while putting his exceptional skills to work.

5. They're Strong and Fearless

a leo zodiac child being fearless while learning how to ride a bike

Like the lion who symbolizes them, Leo children are physically and mentally strong, and without fear. They love being daring and having adventures but can be careless, so it's important to keep a close eye on the little Leo to keep him safe.

6. Failure Is Not an Option

a leo child climbing in a playground

The Leo child is proud and confident, and unwilling to accept failure. Your little one would rather fall off his bike five times than admit he can't do it. Sometimes a Leo might prefer to just quit rather than admit defeat. Teach your tiny cub that it's ok to make mistakes and that there is something to be learned in all that you do, no matter what the outcome. Don't put too much emphasis on winning, as children born under this sign are already naturally wired to compete and to be number one.

7. They Need Creative Outlets

a leo zodiac child painting a clay pot

A highly creative sign, the Leo baby enjoys bright colors and toys that make noise. Set up a brightly painted nursery; when she's a bit older you'll be able to engage her in redecorating and redesigning the room to her tastes. She'll also love to create her own funky outfits and artistic masterpieces. Be ready to nurture her creative streak by providing mix-and-match clothes and art materials for when inspiration strikes.

8. Leos Are Lovers

a young girl playing with her dog

Your child will likely be the first in his class to have a crush, so don't be surprised when he comes home puppy-eyed over someone special. With so much love to give, Leos are natural caregivers, and they make great pet owners. If you can, get your little one a snuggly cat or dog to call his own; the animal should be up for accepting and also doling out affection when you're not available to be the receipient of your child's generous cuddles.

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