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8 Things to Know About Your Gemini Child

Learn your little one's Gemini characteristics


Does your little one celebrate a birthday between May 21 and June 20? Here are eight things to know about your tiny Gemini--the intellectually lively, social sign of the twin!

1. These Kids Are Super Smart

a baby wearing glasses and reading a book

Geminis are among the brightest of the Zodiac, with some leaning toward genius. They tend to be skilled in technology, so a computer or gadget would make a good gift earlier in age than for other kids. Musical instruments and science kits also utilize these fast learners' quick brains. Multi-tasking comes naturally to the insatiably curious Gemini, who tends to move eagerly from task to task to ward off boredom.

2. Hello, Chatterbox!

a young girl talking on a phone

The communication planet Mercury rules Gemini, which explains why little ones born under this sign are such verbal powerhouses. Read your baby books from birth and consider introducing a second language; she might show a surprising ability to pick up another tongue. Your chatty child will likely need some guidance in what's appropriate to say when, but she's sure to be a born storyteller. One thing to watch for: Geminis sometimes exaggerate and embellish the truth. Keep her honest by calling her out on any white lies.

3. They Are Balls of Energy

a baby wearing a diaper and trying to do a somersault

Natural explorers Gemini babies tend to be early crawlers and walkers. As an ever-moving air sign, they rarely stay still and dislike being confined—this is one baby who might hate being swaddled. Once your little one is up and moving, it's essential that you keep your eyes on him at all times or he'll be into everything. Make sure you babyproof thoroughly!

4. They Love to Socialize

two babies lying together

The sign of the twin, Gemini kids are social and enjoy being around children their own age. With their endless energy, sense of humor, and strong leadership skills, Geminis tend to be popular and well-liked. Take your little one to playgroups and activities where he will blossom and thrive.

5. Geminis Can Be Unpredictable

a baby trying to climb some stairs

Geminis have personalities that are more layered and complex than any other, and they tend to reveal different parts to different people, making them a bit unpredictable. And routine is definitely not a Gemini characteristic. Your little one might not adhere to a nap schedule or even require a consistently predictable amount of sleep.

6. Choices Can Be Hard

a young boy holding a banana and apple to his head

The "two-faced" Gemini doesn't have an easy time making decisions and could forever flip back and forth between two choices. They tend to be impatient and easily influenced their friends. They might often need your steady and solid guidance to help them make a decision and stick to it.

7. They Love Interaction and Stimulation

a mom hugging her baby

From birth, the Gemini baby is highly alert and loves attention and interaction from his parents. He doesn't like to be left alone and prefers someone talk to him; he'll likely vocalize back earlier than other little ones his age, and also be an early talker. Strange noises and the sound of laughter will delight your Gemini baby, but he's not a fan of too much noise or chaos.

8. They're Ever Childlike

a baby standing and smiling in their crib

Geminis are wicked smart, but stuffy intellectuals they are not. The forever child Peter Pan was a Gemini, and many born under this sign show a childlike wonder at the world even as adults. They often have a wonderful wit, great sense of humor, and love a practical joke.

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