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8 Things to Know About Your Capricorn Child


If your baby was born between December 22nd and January 19th, then his or her astrological sign is Capricorn. The little goat is sure to be determined, hard-working, opinionated, and have a great big heart.

Here's what you'll need to know about being this one's mama!

  1. Capricorns Are Old Souls
  2. a close up of a baby's face

    It isn't surprising that you've heard remarks about your Capricorn baby having an old soul. There's something about your winter baby that will make him appear older and more mature than his peers, even from birth. He knows what he wants and how to get it in a way that is tactful. This can make him come across as intimidating or imposing sometimes, so try to help him figure out how to approach everyone with a smile.

  3. They're Very Serious
  4. a serious looking boy

    Capricorns typically aren't party people. You may notice that your little girl shies away from crowds, instead preferring the company of people she knows. Once she's in school she'll be studious and unlikely to be distracted by silly games or class clowns. She'll still have fun with people she's close to, but usually only at appropriate times.

  5. Capricorns Are Practical
  6. a young girl building an object out of wood

    You probably won't notice your little guy making spur-of-the-moment decisions or abrupt changes to his plans. He'll carefully weigh his options and make an informed decision before he acts. He’s not going to be the type to shock you with crazy antics or impulse purchases later on in life.

  7. They're Decisive
  8. a young boy playing with a toy truck

    While her practical side is going to make it so she knows she’s not making a bad choice, once she chooses, that’s it. You’ll likely find that your little Capricorn has the ability to quickly make a decision that she’s going to be happy with. This is a great trait that makes your little one a born leader.

  9. There's a Romantic Side to Them
  10. a smiling boy holding up some flowers

    Capricorns can come off as a bit cold or distant, but that’s just their public persona. Deep-down inside, Capricorns just want to be loved. He’ll seem all business, even while at play, but he’ll also be the one to surprise his momma with a sneak attack of kisses or a fistful of wildflowers.

  11. Capricorns Are Stubborn
  12. a stubborn looking girl

    Hang on mama, you’re going to hear, “No!” a lot. One of the side effects of her decisiveness and practicality is a feeling that she’s kind of right about everything. It’s normal for any toddler to get a bad case of No-itis, but Capricorns can take it to the next level. Having a solid reason as to why your way is the best (or only) way is going to help fend off arguments. Sometimes.

  13. They're Shy
  14. a shy looking boy

    Your Capricorn is probably not going to be a social butterfly, and that’s ok. His serious personality may make him seem a bit of a loner at first, but once he warms up to his peers he’ll be a steady and loyal friend. He’ll be more comfortable in small groups of people he’s known a long time, so that’s when he’ll let loose and show his sense of humor best.

  15. Overall, They're Focused and Goal-Oriented
  16. a young girl pointing up

    If you notice that your little Capricorn is bored, give her a new task to complete. Capricorns often feel listless if they don’t have a project or job to do. You’ll need to make sure she’s busy with games, books, and chores to keep her at her happiest.

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