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8 Things to Know About Your Cancerian Child

Learn your little one's Cancerian characteristics


Was your little one born between June 21 and July 22? Then his or her astrological sign is Cancer. Read on to learn all about the astrology of your surprising, sweet, and sensitive little Cancer child!

Here's what you'll need to know about being this one's mama!

1. They Can Be Moody

a mom consoling her upset daughter

Ruled by the always-changing moon, the Cancer baby has mood swings as often as the tides change. Expect your little one to swing from ecstatic to angry to despondent to calm and collected, sometimes within moments. As infants, the Cancerian baby may cry more than babies born under other signs. But have no fear: they'll repay those tears with plenty of snuggly adoration and sweetness.

2. Water Is Where It's At

a baby having a bath

Beginning as it does on the summer Solstice, the first day of that warm season, it makes sense that Cancer is a water sign. And Cancers are symbolized by the crab, an animal that can live both on land and in the sea. Bath time is often a favorite of tiny Cancerians, and you're sure to have success signing your little one up for swimming lessons and other water activities.

3. They Love Their Mamas

a baby hugging her mom on a beach

Home and family are extremely important to tiny Crabs, who tend to be extra attached to their parents and especially their mothers. Quiet and shy outside of their family, the Cancer child can have a hard time adjusting to new people and places. Take extra time to help your Cancer get comfortable when dropping him off at a different daycare or introducing a new caregiver as it might be difficult detaching his grip from your leg.

4. They're Nurturing and Affectionate

a baby holding her doll

Known as the "mother sign," Cancers are natural caregivers. They are highly sensitive to others' feelings, emphatic, and affectionate. They love to love and be loved, and since they can be oh-so-irresistibly sweet, it's not hard to do so. Douse them with praise and encouragement and watch them blossom. Little crabs often take special care of dolls and stuffed animals, and dote on family pets. A future in nursing or medicine could be the Cancerian child's future.

5. Food Is a Favorite Thing

a baby being spoon fed by his mom

You'll likely have no trouble putting weight on a baby born under the sign of Cancer; these little ones love to eat. The risk is that they can be emotional eaters, putting things into their mouths when they are upset or anxious. From toddler-hood, the Cancer child enjoys helping in the kitchen doing everything from preparing the food to setting the table.

6. Hello, Stubborn!

a stubborn looking boy

There is no budging this little one when his mind is made up. Highly intuitive and extremely alert, the Cancer child notices all and remembers everything; it's impossible to sneak anything by them! Children born under this sign have a tendency to bottle up things that upset them, preferring instead to retreat into a sullen mood and build up a lasting grudge.

7. Soft On the Outside

a baby being held by his mother

These babies seem so vulnerable, sensitive, and needy, it's a mama's instinct to protect her little crab. Encourage your little one to explore her environment and get involved in the activities she finds interesting; she'll need a gentle push and support to join into groups and events. Be careful with criticism or doing anything that might embarrass your Cancerian child; she craves approval and reassurance, and dislikes ridicule.

8. Overall, They're Easy

a baby playing with some toys on the floor

Despite their moodiness, Cancer children are some of the easier kids to raise. Lacking many aggressive traits, your little one will probably never lash out physically, and will rarely get into trouble. Kids born under the sign of Cancer have a tendency to create imaginary friends and also have the ability to play alone for hours. Should discipline be required, choose logic over any harsh punishments or strict rules, which are too rough on this gentle spirit.

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