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Professional Family Photos Are Worth a Million Instagram Posts

The thousands of so-so digital snaps trapped on your phone really can’t compare to the lasting legacy of professional family photos


Because we take so many pictures ourselves, our generation of parents sometimes feel like they can skip doing regular professional family photos. But seriously, when’s the last time you edited, framed, and displayed a family photo you’ve taken with your phone? (I never have!) Professional family photos are different. They have staying power: they get printed, saved, hung on the wall. You give copies to delighted grandparents, siblings, and friends, who arrange them appealingly on their mantels and post them on the fridge. Professional family photos last for generations and foster the legacy and essence of your family. They capture growth and change, a tangible time capsule of memories and moments so important that they’re not simply a file on your phone.

So are professional family photos still essential when you take dozens of snaps and selfies all day long? Yes!

You Can Have Professional Family Photos Taken at Your Home!

Just like we can have almost everything else delivered these days, professional family photographers from Mom365 partner Life365 Portraits can come to you, so there’s no pressing everyone to be ready and out the door on time. You get amazing photos when you do a professional photo shoot at home, because your family is so relaxed and comfortable in that setting, and Life365 Portraits photographers are really skilled at coaxing natural smiles out of children and taking pictures that show off their true personalities. Life365 Portraits photographers bring all the gear – cameras, lights, and backdrops – to create a professional studio. They also encourage incorporating personal mementos, outfit changes, or props, whatever makes your professional family photoshoot meaningful, memorable, and fun for your family.

Skip Professional Photos and You’ll Probably Regret It

It was my son’s family tree school project that made us realize we didn’t have any nice family photos. Sure, we have some OK snaps of all of us on someone’s phone, but take a close look at any of them and you’ll quickly notice that not everyone is looking the same way, or there’s something weird in the background, or it’s pretty obviously a selfie. Ironically, for the project we did have nice, professional photos of myself and my husband and kids, and also professional photos of other relatives going back two more generations. It was a lightbulb moment: We need to prioritize professional family photos. And unfortunately, we should have done that years ago.

a portrait of a young girl by life365 portraits

I still like to go to my childhood home and look through the professional photos we did as a young family of eight. It’s fun to compare everyone’s growth and physical changes year after year, and I love showing them to my kids, so they can see their grandparents as young adults, and get evidence that their mom was a kid once, too. My kids get a peek at a time that’s really not so distant, but might as well be a hundred years ago to them (we’re talking 80s hairstyles here). They come away with a sense of pride about who they are, and where they belong in the world.

The Easiest Way to Do Professional Family Photos

If it’s the “hassle” of doing professional family photos that’s stopping you, don’t let it: Life365 Portraits makes it so easy to get professional family photos taken. You can use their online scheduler to book your in-home photo shoot for the time and date that works best for your family. As mentioned, Life365 Portraits photographers bring and set up everything necessary for your in-home professional photoshoot, so your family just needs to come out looking great. And then the fun starts, as the experienced photographers often engage with parents and joke playfully with kids, boosting confidence and developing a connection that shines through in the photos. 

Seeing and ordering your photos is a breeze too – you just schedule an online viewing session with a Life365 Portraits portrait design consultant, who unveils your beautiful, professional pictures and helps you determine which photos you love and what images and sizes you need. Within weeks, you have your gorgeous, professional family photos not just to share and ‘like’ on a social network, but to frame, display, and keep for generations to come. Hello, legacy! Just try to say that, Instagram. 

Book your premium professional photoshoot online with Life365 Portraits in just minutes. Professional, at-home Life365 Portraits photoshoots normally start at $79 per photoshoot, which generally run 40 minutes to one hour.

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