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Easy-To-Use Ovulation Calculator

Find Out When Is Best to Conceive


When it's time to try getting pregnant, you may find out that it's not as easy as it seems. You can increase your chances of conception by timing intercourse for your most fertile days, which would be when you are ovulating. But when does ovulation occur? Use our handy ovulation predictor to find out.

Using An Ovulation Calculator To Determine When You Will Be Fertile

You don't need to worry about filling in complex charts! We just need three bits of information:

  1. The date that your last period started
  2. Your average cycle length
  3. Your average luteal phase length, or the time between ovulation and the start of your period. If you are unsure, just put 14 days, which is typical.

With that basic information entered in our ovulation calculator, we'll be able to predict when you'll ovulate next, including the dates when conception will be most likely.

Please note that these calculations are only an estimate based on an average cycle length. If your menstrual cycles are not regular, this ovulation predictor may not work for you.


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