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Alternative Therapies Against Infertility


The rigmarole of dealing with infertility can take its toll on even the most dedicated. To be poked and prodded, scheduled and charted, time and time again is stressful, and it can very easily begin to cloud the excitement and joy you felt when you decided to try getting pregnant. It's easy to fall into a routine of despair and stress -- which is something that many infertility experts believe can actually be counterproductive to getting pregnant.

A body under stress is not one ripe for a baby, and no matter how hard you try, the ups and downs and disappointments of dealing with infertility will leave you feeling stressed.

Alternative Therapies for Dealing with Infertility

Alternative therapies can offer a sense of calm and peace within this whirlwind of medical procedures. They can't cure your infertility, but they can teach you coping strategies that will better enable you to tackle the worries ahead.


It sounds simple, and it is. Rarely do we pause throughout our day to focus on our breathing, but you'll find that when you do, it has the power to calm your racing thoughts and bring you back to your center.


The art of clearing the mind, meditation can give you relief from having the ever-present thoughts surrounding infertility swirling within your head.


Combining breathing and meditation, yoga can prepare both body and mind for conception.


This ancient form of Traditional Chinese Medicine has helped many couples who struggle with getting pregnant.


Here's something that might actually be able to help with the infertility itself -- homeopathy has been proven to help couples struggling to get pregnant and is actually prescribed by many doctors.

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