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5 Tips To Increase Your Chances To Get Pregnant


If you've been trying for months and are starting to wonder how to get pregnant faster, consider these five tips and examine how they may be affecting your chances of conceiving.

1. Healthy Diet

It goes without saying that a healthy diet is key to a healthy life. The same holds true when it comes to conception. A body that has a strong supply of the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals it needs to function properly will provide optimum fertility. Not only will a healthy diet help your fertility, you'll also be more likely to maintain a healthy weight—another huge factor in conception success. Follow our best diet guideline to get an idea of what you should be eating to increase chances to get pregnant.

2. Quit Smoking

Smoking is widely known as problematic during pregnancy, but did you know it can also affect your fertility? Yes, it can. By some accounts, smoking can reduce your fertility by 40%! Increase chances to get pregnant by quitting smoking before you start trying to conceive. You might get pregnant faster than you expect! If you're a smoker who's been having trouble conceiving, quitting might just be the answer you've been looking for.

3. Ditch the Alcohol

Just as too much alcohol can harm a developing fetus, it can affect fertility too. And not just the woman's. Sperm counts can be affected by overuse of alcohol as well. So make it a joint effort to reduce the consumption of alcohol during your baby-making months. Follow a healthy alcohol consumption guide to get pregnant sooner.

4. Get Fit

A healthy body is a baby-friendly body. Find time to up your exercise levels and help your body become strong and fit enough to carry a baby. You don't need to jump into a strict exercise program to increase chances to get pregnant. Something as simple as adding a walk to your lunch break can help you get fit. A good fitness routine will become even more important once you're a parent and need a stress reliever or to keep up with a busy toddler. You may as well get started now!

5. Try New Positions

There may or may not be any truth in the old wives’ tales about positions that increase chances to get pregnant but it can't hurt to try out a few! Many couples who have had trouble conceiving report feeling stressed out and under pressure every time they have intercourse. New positions can bring a change to your conception routine that can provide a distraction from your goal of making a baby. Make sex fun again and reconnect with your partner by trying out a few of these sexual positions and you may even forget about trying to get pregnant for a while!

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