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Advice for Women Preparing to Have a Baby

A Few Things to Consider When Preparing to Have a Baby


Deciding to have a baby is probably one of the most important decisions you'll ever make. It can be exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time. Before you try to get pregnant, sit down and talk to your partner. There are a lot of topics you probably haven't discussed, including whether or not you are really ready for a baby.

Is There Room for a Baby In Your Life?

Pregnancy and a newborn will no doubt alter your lifestyle. There are ways to change your daily habits to have a health pregnancy and a healthy baby. We're going to give you the important information you'll need if you try to conceive and once you are expecting. While we won't be able to tell you how long it will take to try to get pregnant, we can help you understand the importance of taking folic acid, contraception, and everything in between.

How to Get Your Body Ready for Baby

While you may have a perfectly normal lifestyle, a lifestyle fit for pregnancy is a different story. Some simple changes will not only improve your own health if you try to conceive, but will ensure a full-term pregnancy. Remember to eat healthy, take vitamins, limit your alcohol, quit smoking, and definitely relax.

Some Common Questions Couples Need to Address

What is the perfect age gap for more that one child?

There is no concrete answer to what the perfect age gap is. Because every woman and couple is different, there are a lot of factors that can help decide on how many children they should have. The number can limit sibling rivalry, stress, financial hardships and much more.

Are you sure you want a baby, now?

Bringing another person into the world isn't a choice to be taken lightly. It will impact every facet of your life from your career, lifestyle, income, and the needs of anyone else in your family.

How Long Does It Take to Try to Get Pregnant?

Every woman's body is different. Some women get pregnant after a short period of time while others try to conceive for years. It's never a simple process, so you need to emotionally prepare for either situation. If infertility becomes a factor there are many alternatives including adoption, surrogacy, sperm donation, and IVF treatments.

For a majority of women, we have spent years on birth control, avoiding pregnancy. The minute we decide we are ready to try to conceive, our expectations are high. Remember to be patient -- stress can play a role in the entire process.

Preparing your life for a baby is more than buying a crib and diapers. New parents often forget to talk to their employers and find out what their company allows for maternity and paternity leave as well as other new parent benefits. This will also help you develop a plan for daycare providers and other financial planning.

Preparing to have a baby is probably much harder than you imagined, but any mother will tell you that it’s worth it.

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