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Digital Product Troubleshooting Guide

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Your images are packaged into a zip file, which requires software to unpack. This software is usually included with your operating system, but can be downloaded via third party sites. These sites have no affiliation to Mom365 Photography, and we cannot be held responsible for the content or software on these sites.

To open and save your photos onto an iPad or iPhone, download the app "iZip". For Android tablets, use the application "AndroZip". Please note you will also need to have Dropbox to view the photos on the iPad or iPhone, again this is a third party site that has no affiliation to Mom365 Photography and we cannot be held responsible for the content or software on these sites.

Mom365 upholds a strict no refunds or returns policy.

Troubleshooting, downloading to phones and tablets:

Downloading on phones/tablets can be a little tricky. Make sure you have enough space on your phone/tablet to support at least 100MB worth of photos. Downloading may take a few minutes to a few hours depending on internet speed and how large the photos are in size.

If the instructions below have failed, the best and easiest way is to download them to a desktop/laptop computer. Once you have them saved on your computer you can email yourself the images you'd like to save on your phone/tablet.

How To Download Photos To Your Phone or Tablet

1. Download the app

Android: AndroZip - Download here

iOS: iZip - Download here

2. Click on the download link you received in an email from Mom365.

3. A blank screen may pop up, that's normal.

4. You may not receive a notification once the download has been completed. After enough time has passed simply open up the app and the folder should pop up.

5. Click "export" and it should save the photos to your pictures folder. If this does not work for you you may need to use a regular computer or laptop to download the photos.

Troubleshooting, error messages when saving photos to a CD

Be sure you remove the photos from the Zip folder first before you copy them to the CD. Save them to your Pictures folder that you may already have on your computer or create a new folder for these photos. From there you will be able to copy them on a CD. You can delete the Zip folder once you copy the photos to your Pictures folder.

If you are still having issues, please contact customer service here.