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Weaning Your Baby to Solid Foods


Breastfeeding offers mothers and babies a sense of closeness and a number of health-related benefits. Yet, there comes a time when children have to be weaned and begin consuming solid foods. Mom365 exclusively recommends breastfeeding for at least six months before beginning the weaning process.

While some moms prefer weaning within six months as a way to return to work without needing to pump, most tend to move their little ones toward other sources of food around the one-year mark

It can be difficult for babies to take to the bottle after only knowing the breast for so long, but there are effective strategies moms can use. The key is to take it slow. Some newborns may wean faster than others. Tips like switching to a bottle halfway through feeding time, reducing or eliminating nighttime feedings and simply offering more solid foods may help children make the transition.

It's common for there to be an adjustment period as moms wean their child off the breast. Some mothers use the strategy "don't offer, don't refuse." With this technique, moms won't remind their child that it's time to eat, but won't say no when their children want to breastfeed.

Learn more about the pros and cons of weaning at certain life stages, how to help babies get used to solid foods and other tricks for successful weaning.

Many mothers rely on the mantra "When the baby is awake, mom is awake." Conversely, when newborns are asleep, moms try to catch some much-needed shut eye. What do you do though when you are struggling to get your child to sleep?

While some babies rely on a daily routine to allow their bodies and minds to feel tired, others are more resistant to these types of schedules. Everything is topsy​-turvy, which can make tired mothers even more exhausted. Each child is different, so parents have to use trial-and-error to discover what tactics work best for their newborns.

Whether it's incorporating naps into the day, creating a playlist of calm and soothing melodies to be played before and during bedtime or providing a pre-sleep snack packed with the right nutrients, moms can learn a number of strategies that may help their baby fall asleep - and sleep soundly through the night. Learn more about children's sleeping patterns, the best tunes to play for newborns and ways to prevent sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). In addition, mothers and fathers can gain new tips and tricks for bedtime routines that work for both parents and their child.

The joys of having a newborn are something mothers will never forget. While moms want to spend as much time as possible with their children in these formative years, they must make sure their babies are getting much-needed sleep. Well-rested babies make for well-rested and happy moms.


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