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Are Teething Tablets Safe?

The facts about Homeopathic Teething Tablets


When your baby is in pain, you want to do everything you can to relieve that pain and comfort them, and when your little one is teething the resources to do that are pretty limited. Teething tablets are one of the items on the market that claim to be able to help relieve your baby's teething pain and help them to get some rest. 

Are teething tablets safe? 

According to the FDA - the short answer to that is no. They encourage moms and dads to look elsewhere for pain relief for their babies as the teething tablets contain ingredients known to be toxic, including belladonna, also known as deadly nightshade. They are currently investigating these products, but in the meantime, are asking parents not to use them. You can view the statement from the FDA here.

a mom holding her baby who is chewing her fingers because she is teething

Alternatives to teething tablets

If you can’t use teething tablets, what can you use? Here’s a few tips that you can try to help relieve the pain:

  • Freeze a wet washcloth and give it to your little one to chew on.
  • Purchase a teething product- they make teething rings, teething toothbrushes, and even a giraffe named “Sophie” that are great for soothing those sore gums. 
  • Grab a “mesh feeder” and some cold foods to place in it. 
  • Teething can cause pressure on your babies ears and congestion.  If that seems to be a problem, you can try elevating your babies mattress on one side, which can bring some relief.  Just roll up a few towels and place them under the mattress.
  • Talk to your doctor about giving them a pain reliever such as Tylenol or Motrin.  

Teething can be tough, but remember it’s temporary- hang in there and give your baby an extra dose of cuddles and give yourself a little extra time.  Having a teething baby might mean you need to take it easy so they can rest and push those teeth through! 

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