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Our Top Self Care Tips for Moms


The first several weeks after giving birth can be especially trying. Overnight, you go from a woman with a life all her own to a breastfeeding, diaper changing, baby swaddling machine. And the sleepless nights don’t exactly ease the transition.

In all the upheaval, many first-time moms forget about everything besides the baby - and that includes their bodies. Here's how to take care of mama while you're nurturing your newborn.

Skin Savers

You feel like you barely have a moment to shower, much less moisturize and slather on that anti-stretch mark cream. But since premature aging isn’t going to win you any Mother of the Year awards, take care to set aside some time for your personal grooming. Even 10 minutes a day helps - and those 10 can also help you de-frazzle your mind. To make every second count, look for multitasking products, like a tinted, self-tanning moisturizer or, for stretch marks, a cocoa-butter moisturizer that will hydrate your skin, too.

Body Basics

Even though you’re not likely to be back on the elliptical for a while, you can still be getting some exercise - and you don’t even have to tear yourself away from the most gorgeous little creature on the planet. It’s not hard to incorporate more movement into your time together: walk around the house holding the baby, rock the baby, crank up the iPod and bust some moves to entertain the baby - they’re all valid forms of exercise. And don’t forget, if you’re breastfeeding, you’re burning hundreds of calories!

Sleep Strategies

Whoever said “nap when the baby naps” has clearly never had a baby. Still, just because you're too wired to actually fall asleep doesn’t mean you can’t take this opportunity to lie down for a breather - try reading, watching TV or just daydreaming. And do try to go to bed at the same time as your baby a few days a week. Getting those extra few hours in the evening, even if only twice a week, will help you feel less tired overall.

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