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How to Make New Mom Friends


If you have a baby, then you need mom friends, those sweet souls with whom you can get together for play-dates, coffee talk, and sanity checks... because a woman alone with a baby for too long can go a little batty. Here are 10 ways to get connected with other moms like you.

1. Look Friendly

a mom posing with her baby

As your mama surely told you, the best way to make friends is to be approachable, and there’s nothing friendlier than a smiling face.

2. Get With the Program

four moms and their babies hanging out

One easy way to get connected to other moms in your area is to join a support program such as MOMS Club. With organized playgroups, parent education classes, social events, and more, these groups are a great way to get out and meet other moms.

3. Take a Class

a baby going for a swim in a pool

Consider signing up for a Mommy and Me class, anything from yoga to music to swimming. Look for a course that meets multiple times or over several months, so you’ll have more of a chance to get to know the other mamas.

4. Be Bookish

a woman reading a book to a group of kids

Find out if your local library or bookstore offers kiddie story times, and become a regular. Free and fairly relaxed, story hours are no-risk ways to get out there and meet moms. Bonus: Your child will grow up loving to read!

5. Practice Chatting

three friends catching up at the grocery store

You have a fantastic conversation starter newly attached to your hip, which gives you free reign to speak to pretty much anyone. Utilize your little one to spark small talk with other moms when you’re out and about.

6. Ask at Your Place of Worship

a woman on her mobile phone

Any organization you belong to is a great place to start your search for mom friends. Just let people know you’re ready to get out of the house and open to meeting new friends.

7. Friends From Fitness

three moms pushing their babies in strollers

Taking baby on a walk is a new mom staple, so why not find a regular group of gals to chat with while you're strolling? Ask your pediatrician if she knows of any mamas who love to stroll, or check at your local gym or community center.

8. Get Her Number

two moms and their babies on a playdate

When you meet a mom you like, be sure to ask for her phone number so you can set up a mom date. It might be scary at first, but that mama is probably as excited to have a new friend as you are!

9. Go Online

a woman holding her child while using a laptop

More than 100k moms belong to the Mom365 Community, our friendly online hub for mamas seeking advice, support, and friendship. Hang out there for awhile and you’re sure to meet like-minded moms to chat with. Plus, it might turn into something more: Two of our Star Moms became such good friends online, they took their families on vacation together!

10. Think Playgroup

a group of women catching up at a cafe

Both moms and babies benefit from being part of a playgroup. Search for one in your area through a website like, or start one yourself; you could even go low-tech by posting flyers for it in local cafes. Depending on the age of the kids, you could meet in a park, cafe or local playspace.