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10 Ways to Fit More Sex in Your Life


If you’re like most new parents, your sex life has declined a bit since the birth of your baby; after all, you're probably dedicating every spare moment to sleeping! But intimacy is important for a healthy relationship.

Here are 10 ways to sneak in more sex (without sacrificing much shut-eye!).

  1. Do Some Sexting
  2. a woman smiling at her mobile phone

    Ok, so it’s not the real deal, but sending sexy text messages (a.k.a. sexting) has a very real place in the modern couple’s relationship. It’s quick and easy, you can do it with the kids around, and it can provide a romantic connection when you and yours can’t be physically intimate. Just make sure to adjust the settings on your phone to keep those messages as private as possible!

  3. Make a Sex Date
  4. closeup of a couple's legs while in bed together

    We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Schedule, schedule, schedule. If the two of you are always too tired for loving, start checking the calendar for times when you can be both alone and alert. One sex advice columnist says: "If you watch TV, you have time for sex!" So push aside the boob tube, and keep those dates!

  5. Unplug
  6. a couple smiling at the camera together

    Do you really not have time for intimacy, or is it just taking the backseat to channel surfing, internet browsing and video gaming? Rather than using any free moment to update your status or watch reality TV, make a commitment to unplugging one or two nights a week and spending that time with your sweetie, preferably naked :)

  7. Do It Early
  8. a woman kissing her partner in bed

    If you’re in the mood in the mornings, try going to bed a bit earlier so you can wake up for a sunrise frolic. There’s nothing like some lovin' in the morning to start your day right!

  9. Play Hooky
  10. a man undoing his tie

    Sometimes drastic times require drastic measures. If you truly can’t find the time for sex on your schedule, you’re going to need to utilize some of that sick time and call out. With the kids off at daycare or school, you and your sweetie can spend the whole day in bed (just like you would if you really were sick, but a lot more fun!).

  11. Turn On the TV
  12. two kids watching tv together

    A little TV or screen time for the kids can go a long way in reviving your love life. This one works well with older toddlers and kids who tend to get their attention sucked into the screen for as long as you’ll allow. Put on their favorite show and disappear into your bedroom. Feel no guilt: any negative impact from the brief amount of TV they’re watching will be negated by the fact that they have happy parents who love each other (and them).

  13. Get a Babysitter
  14. a babysitter entertaining some kids

    Find a qualified babysitter in your neighborhood and become a regular client of him or her. Alternatively, ask a mom friend if she’d be interested in swapping child care. Then go wherever you need to go to get some.

  15. Sneak It In
  16. a couple lying on top of each other in bed

    The kids fell asleep in the car on the long drive home from your mother-in-law’s; why not pull over for a quick make-out session? Is your friend begging to watch the baby? Take her up on it, then have some alone time with your partner. You can’t let opportunities like these go to waste!

  17. Go Away for a Weekend
  18. a couple having breakfast in bed together

    Getting away from your baby, while hard, is a good thing for your relationship. If your mom has been offering to watch her grandbaby for what feels like forever, now is the time to take her up on it. A night or weekend away is the perfect chance to relive your pre-baby sex life (you ‘ll even be able to take a post-coital nap!).

  19. Think Sexy
  20. a woman in deep thought

    The more you're in the mood for it, the more often you'll make your love life a priority. Try to occasionally banish thoughts of diaper changes and to-do lists from your mind and replace them with sexy thoughts about you and your partner. With sex closer to the top of your mind, you're likely to find the time and energy for it regularly.

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