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10 Ideas for Date Night at Home


A baby in the house means changes to your social life--no more going out on a whim! But just because you aren't out on the town doesn't mean you can't still have date nights with your partner at home.

Here are 10 ideas for date nights a casa.

  1. Dance Party!
  2. a couple dancing at home

    Are you missing your club nights? Feel young and free again by shakin' it in the living room with your honey. Mix up a fun specialty cocktail, plug in the iPod, and let the music move ya.

  3. Plan a Get-Together
  4. two couples hanging out in the kitchen

    Invite the fun to come to you by hosting friends for after-dinner drinks and dessert. If they have kids as well, they could even bring them along; the little ones can sleep in a bedroom while the adults enjoy some grown-up good times.

  5. Massage Exchange
  6. a woman getting a massage

    Nothing says "I love you" like a sweet massage, so easy to give and receive in the comfort of your own home. Pour a couple glasses of wine, set out some massage oil, and let the relaxation and relationship reconnecting begin!

  7. Bond Over a Sport
  8. a couple watching a soccer game together on tv

    Record the day's big game on your DVR and then impose a social media hiatus to avoid spoilers. Once the baby's asleep, break out the chips, snacks, and beer and snuggle in with your sweetie to cheer on your favorite team.

  9. Sweat It Out
  10. a couple doing push ups together

    Slip on those matching headbands and pop in an exercise DVD to get in a quick workout together. Post-aerobics, grab two spoons and a pint of your favorite ice cream and toast yourselves.

  11. Go Gourmet
  12. a couple preparing a dinner at home together

    Get romantic in the kitchen by cooking together, preferably something your children would never eat! Open a bottle of wine and catch up while chopping, sautéing and steaming. Then savor your meal, and each other, by candlelight.

  13. A BBQ for Two
  14. a couple grilling together outside

    There's something so joyful about the simple act of grilling. Throw some kebabs on the grill and relax together outside with a drink and appetizers while they cook (just keep the baby monitor close by). Afterward, split an ice cream sundae in the moonlight.

  15. Light a Fire
  16. a couple sitting in front of a fire together

    From backyard fire pits to indoor fireplaces, flames provide cozy ambiance perfect for your date night at home. Spark your fire source and settle in for a flirty night of marshmallow roasting, toasty drinks, and serious snuggling.

  17. Go for a Soak
  18. a couple taking a bath together

    Who doesn't love a bubble bath a duet? Both relaxing and steamy, a date that initially convenes in the tub often regroups in the bedroom, so this one's perfect if you're looking to bring sexy back to your relationship. Just name the time and the place, and don't forget the bubbles!

  19. Pizza and Beer
  20. pizza and beer on a table

    Simple and perfect, the pizza and beer date is a classic for a reason. Bake up a frozen pizza, or order from your favorite delivery outfit, then settle in on the couch with a cold beer and your sweetie. Your guy is sure to love this one, so you should have no problem getting him to keep the date!

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