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Getting Baby Talking


Every milestone in the developmental months of a baby's life is incredible, but none more so than talking. The ability to vocalize needs and desires is huge, as parents have spent quite a while trying to figure out what their child is asking for.

Now the time has come for your newborn to begin speaking. But what should parents expect? Chances are strong that your baby's first words - which tend to come around the one-year mark - will be related to familiar people, activities and things. Children regularly mimic greetings like "hi" and "goodbye" and words related to mealtime since they're said so regularly. Each new noise and semblance of a word will be exciting for mom and dad, as it should be!

Each child develops at his or her own pace. No matter how badly moms and dads want their baby to speak, he or she will do so when she's ready. Parents can encourage this skill, however, through playing fun games with their little one. Peek-a-boo, having make-believe phone conversations and pointing and naming household items can help babies learn crucial communication skills - even before they're ready to talk.

Gain new information about common talking milestones and how to know when your child is ready to start speaking. Learn more about talking games and typical first words you may hear from your little one.


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