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10 Reasons Organics are Better for Baby


As a mom, you want to feed your little one the healthiest, most pure foods you can. To give your sweet and innocent baby something that might be bad for him or her just seems, well, wrong! That’s why moms around the country are choosing to buy organic foods, out of concern for what they’re feeding their families. Maybe you’ve been thinking about making the switch, but you need more info about the benefits of buying organic. Check out these 10 reasons why organics are the better choice for your baby.

  1. Organics Are Grown Without Pesticides
  2. Conventionally-grown, non-organic foods are sprayed with pesticides, some of which are known to be bad for human health. These fertilizers often leave some residues on the foods destined for families’ dinner tables. While the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has designated a “safe” level of pesticide residue, who wants to feed their kids food that contains scary chemicals? Especially since babies, who are so small and have still-developing immune and nervous systems, could be extra sensitive to any amount of pesticide residue.

    Sprout products

    Organic baby food in convenient squeeze pouches from Sprout Organic Foods makes it easy for moms to serve their babies wholesome food grown by farmers who just say no to toxic fertilizers. Available at local grocery stores, Amazon &, Sprout offers all-natural, certified-organic baby and toddler purees and snacks.

  3. Organics Are Non-GMO
  4. Genetically-modified (GMO) foods have been genetically engineered by scientists to do things like resist pests or delay ripening. Although the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says GMO foods are safe and nutritious, many people are suspect. If you’re concerned about GMOs, organic food is your friend! Foods that are certified organic usually (always double check if you’re concerned) don’t contain GMO ingredients.

  5. They Have No Scary Ingredients
  6. Food manufacturers put tons of weird stuff in foods to change their color, their flavor, or to make them shelf stable. These artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives definitely don’t do anything good for our bodies, and they might even contribute to hyperactivity in children. Sprout Organic Foods are minimally processed and there are no chemical stabilizers, colors, sweeteners, or preservatives in their squeezable pouches. Their tasty blends contain only ingredients you would find in your own kitchen, like whole fruits, vegetables, and grains – no-concentrates or anything artificial! Just real, honest, and pure recipes.

  7. They’re Allergen-Aware
  8. Soy, nuts, and milk are a few foods known to trigger allergies in some babies, and for concerned moms, it’s a challenge to stay hyper-vigilant about looking for these ingredients in their kids’ food. Producers of organic food like Sprout tend to make this job easier, by limiting the use of certain foods that may cause allergic reactions, and by clearly calling out these ingredients in any product that contains them.

  9. They Taste Better
  10. This might just be personal preference, or there could be some science behind it, but many people insist that organic fruits and vegetables taste better. Since we now know that babies’ palates and food preferences are developed in the first months and years of life, giving your little one the most tasty food available is a great way to start your child on a healthy path. Sprout has crafted a variety of fruit, vegetable, and grain blends that help babies accept savory and complex flavors, providing greater exposure to wholesome foods. Only the best for baby, right?

  11. They Use BPA-Free Packaging
  12. sprout packaging in box

    With its heavy reliance on plastics, food packaging can be less-than-great for you and your baby’s health. One known bad guy is Bisphenol A (BPA), a type of plastic that has been linked to cancer, asthma, and hormone disruptions, among other things. In 2012, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) banned the use of BPA in baby bottles, but it is still acceptable for use in many other kinds of food packaging. Always double-check, but most organic products have switched to BPA-free packaging, as seen in the convenient squeeze pouches that Sprout uses for its wholesome purees (fact: they were the first company to put baby food in pouches!).

  13. Organics Are Better for the Earth (and Baby’s Future!)
  14. No doubt about it, organics are better for the environment. Conventionally-produced food sends pesticide pollutants into the air, land, and water supply, wreaking havoc on human and animal health. Grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, through sustainable farming practices, organic food is the choice for a healthier Earth now and in the future.

  15. They’re Free of Antibiotics and Hormones
  16. Organic meat and dairy is free of the antibiotics and added hormones often found in their conventionally-raised cousins. Farmers feed livestock tons of antibiotics and other drugs for non-medical reasons, and give hormones to boost production. This all adds up to greater yields for farmers, health concerns for consumers, yuck! Organic choices like Sprout’s Harvest Vegetables and Apricot with Chicken for your stage 3 eater are definitely the way to go when your baby is ready for some heartier meals!

    sprout packaging in box

  17. Conventional Baby Foods Contain A Lot of Pesticides
  18. Many babies start out eating pureed pears, peaches, and applesauce. Unfortunately, a recent sampling of these first-food favorites showed they all contained pesticides. Pears were the worst offenders, with as much as 26 different kinds of pesticide residue in a single jar! The conventional baby food had much higher percentages of residue than the organically-produced baby food. In many cases the organic baby food samples showed little to no pesticide residues at all.

  19. Organics Are Better for Everyone’s Babies
  20. You might be the one buying the food, but you and your family are certainly not the only ones affected by that choice. Farm workers and rural families who work at or live near conventional farms are exposed to greater levels of pesticides in their air and water as they just go about their daily lives, thanks to all the crop spraying. When you choose organic, you’re helping reduce their exposure to chemical toxins too.

    To find a store offering Sprout Organic products nearest to you or online, click here.

    Thanks, mama!


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