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7 Reasons Why Babies Cry & How To Soothe Them


Every baby cries at some point, but some babies cry more than others. It's not uncommon for babies to cry a lot, especially in their first three months of life.

The first three months are hardest for parents, especially since this is when new parents are unsure of their own skills and may doubt their abilities. During this time, it's easy to think you're doing something wrong if your baby is crying.

Your baby crying could be because of colic, but it can also be because of other reasons. Even a healthy baby spends anywhere from one to three hours a day crying.

A newborn baby crying could be because they're over stimulated or if they're being undressed. They could be hungry, tired, or just plain grumpy.

top reasons why a baby might be upset and cryingfigcaption style="width: 90%;">Top reasons why a baby might be upset and crying.

A newborn baby crying is not spoiled. He's simply expressing his needs in the only way he knows how. When your baby is crying, he needs something and it's important that you try to figure it out. Common reasons why babies cry include:

1. A Baby Crying Could Be Too Hot or Too Cold

If your baby is too hot or too cold in the middle of the night, he could be waking up. To help, make sure your baby is kept warm with sleep sacks and keep the room at a comfortable temperature. Don't use blankets, comforters, pillows, or stuffed animals in the crib because these items can increase the risk of SIDS.

2. A Baby Crying Could Be Hungry

Hunger is a new experience for your baby. Before he was born, his nutritional needs were always met before he felt hunger. He can now feel when his belly is empty and cries because of it.

3. A Baby Crying Could Be Bored

Babies can get bored, just like adults. If your baby is crying, he may just need to spend some time with you so give him a little bit of socializing if nothing else seems to work.

4. A Baby Crying Could Be Tired

Babies don't understand that when they're tired, they'll feel better when they sleep. If he's over-stimulated, your attempts to calm him by singing, rocking or jiggling him can make it more difficult to go to sleep.

5. A Baby Crying Could Want Something To Suck

Sucking is a comforting motion for your baby. If your newborn baby is crying, he might just want something to suck.

6. A Baby Crying Could Need Comforting

It's not always easy to know why babies cry, but sometimes they just need to be held close. If your newborn baby is crying, he may just need to be comforted by your words and your touch. Hold him close and see if that helps him feel better.

7. A Baby Crying Could Be Sick

If your baby has a high fever or a rash, alongside crying, he may be ill. Talk to your doctor if you think this is the case.

How to Help When Babies Cry

If you can't calm your baby, try these steps:

  • Babies like to be tucked in close. A swaddling blanket can provide some comfort..
  • Asking a grandparent or other caregiver to take him for a couple hours.
  • Using white noise. A vacuum cleaner or white noise machine can help calm some babies.
  • Playing music or singing to your baby. Any song will do!
  • Walking or driving. The motion can calm your baby and may even put him to sleep.
  • Use a sling or other type of baby carrier so your baby can be held close, but you have your hands free.
  • Give your baby gripe water. Talk to your health care professional about this one.
Tips On How to Calm Your Baby When Crying 4

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