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How To Position Your Baby When Breastfeeding


Learning how to breastfeed can take some time. Before you start breastfeeding a baby, learn all about breastfeeding. Here's what you should feel, see and hear during those early days.

How To Breastfeed: What To Feel

When you're breastfeeding a baby, you should feel comfortable and relaxed. You should not feel any pain either.

How to Breastfeed: What to See

  • Your baby's mouth should be wide open and you should see her bottom lip turned out.
  • Your baby should be happily eating and not fidgeting.
  • Her cheeks should look round and plump.
  • Your baby will start to suck quickly, soon followed by long, deep sucks. This indicates that your milk has started to flow.
  • You should be able to see some of the areola above her top lip.

How to Breastfeed: What to Hear

You should be able to hear your baby swallowing. The swallows will change from fast gulps to longer swallows.

How to Know If Your Breastfeeding Baby Isn't Properly Attached

If you feel pain in your breast, your baby isn't properly attached. Break the suction by placing your finger in between your breast and her mouth and then reattach her.

If you see her cheeks being sucked in or pinched lips, latch her again.

If you hear clicking or smacking noises, reposition your baby.

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