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When Will My Baby Start Sitting Up?


When you see a baby sitting, do you know how hard that child worked to do it? There are many different milestones of baby development and sitting is just one of them.

Baby sitting is a fine balance between skill and core strength and it happens when your baby starts to gain control of his or her body.

Growth of Baby: Sitting Supported

The milestones of baby development can vary, but many babies start to sit supported when they're about five months old. To do this, they'll need to be able to hold their head up and keep their back straight.

After a while, babies will sit with their hands flat on the floor in a tripod position. This may last a few weeks or a few months.

Growth Of Baby: Sitting Alone

Eventually, babies will be able to sit by themselves. This typically happens between six and eight months. Slips and falls are normal so watch out for hard surfaces, especially if the surface is slick. Babies will often reach for something and lose their balance, toppling right over.

You Can Help Your Baby Learn to Sit

  • Encourage tummy time. Some babies hate to be on their bellies, but this helps them develop strong core muscles.
  • You can help your baby sit by using cushions to prop up him or her. This helps encourage strength and balance. Do this sparingly, however, because sitting in a supported position for too long can put pressure on the baby's spine.
  • Make sure that they have a soft spot to land when they do topple over.
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