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When Do Babies Start Rolling Over?


When your baby is rolling, he’s able to get around easily and will likely be able to move faster and farther than you thought possible. It's the first step toward being mobile so get ready for the other milestones of baby like sitting, crawling, and walking.

When Do Babies Roll Over?

Most babies start rolling around 11 weeks. Some babies roll from their front to their sides first. They use their arms to lift their shoulders and their head and flip themselves over to one side. Other babies will start to roll in opposite directions. These babies will be able to roll from their back to their side, but they may not be able to flip all the way over. Their legs will kick up and over toward their head and when they gain strength, they can make it over to one side.

No matter which way your baby is rolling, he will be able to move in both directions by the time he's six months old. Get ready for some challenging diaper changes with a baby who's on the move!

Helping Your Baby With Rolling

There are a few things you can do to help your baby roll. These include:

  • Giving him plenty of tummy time! This helps your baby develop the trunk strength so he can roll.
  • Placing toys just out of reach to give babies an incentive to roll.
  • Moving his arms and legs into the right position so they're not in the way when your baby is rolling.
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