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How to Celebrate Baby's First Easter


With Easter just around the corner, we’ve got ways to get her excited for the season of bunnies, eggs, and, of course, rebirth. From dressing him up to planting a seed to starting a tradition, we’ve got easy-peasy tips for making baby’s first Easter meaningful and memorable.

1. Have People Come to You

The beauty of a new baby is that family (usually) won’t expect you to travel. Make it a potluck or cook something easy (with plenty of help before, during and after!). That way your little one has a place to sleep and eat in comfort and you don’t have to juggle the logistics of travel with the needs of a baby.

2. Play Dress Up

Do you think babies in Easter bonnets or hats are the most adorable thing ever? Now’s the moment to find one and start taking lots of great photos. Or just a pretty dress or a nice “suit” can also do the adorable trick.

3. Plant Something

One beautiful way to commemorate any milestone is to plant a tree, bush, or a garden, one you’ll see the fruits (or flowers) of for years to come. Easter, being essentially about rebirth, make this an especially timely and poignant ritual. Let baby “help” by patting down dirt, pushing down a seed, whatever she can developmentally swing.

4. Visit Nature

It’s no coincidence that the holiday of rebirth happens during spring, when many parts of the world are shaking off the frost of winter and growing buds and leaves. Let baby bask in that glory when you take him for a walk in a park, woods, beach, or nature preserve. He may not consciously remember, but you’ll start planting the seeds of natural wonder to last a lifetime.

5. Start an Easter Tradition

Think about some of your favorite childhood Easter moments. What did they include, and what might you want to reproduce with your sweetie? Was it going to church, dyeing eggs, eating a big family meal? Pick your favorite or start something totally new.

6. Write Baby a Letter

What does Easter mean to you and your family? Make the holiday meaningful by writing baby a letter about this. What would you hope they get out of the holiday some day? What are some special memories? Share it all, read it to baby, and place in a scrapbook. You can take it out every year to enjoy and embellish.

7. Do a Photo Shoot

Holidays are the perfect time to pose your sweet bean with elements of the season. Maybe it’s next to a blooming plant, or a fluffy stuffed bunny animal, or in a pew at church. No matter, try and use natural light, clear any background clutter and let baby be as she is—even if she’s teary, you’ll relish these pics some day as an ode to the true moment.

8. Make Baby an Easter Basket

Though he may be too little to appreciate it, we all know babies love crinkly paper and bright toys with potential for noise. Pack those into a basket and get your camera ready as baby either gazes at the pretty colors or dives it with abandon.

9. Let Baby “Feast”

If your baby is eating solids (six months and older is what pediatricians recommend), then let him try a bit of what you’re having at your Easter feast. Maybe it’s a bite of mashed potatoes or some blended up ham, but he’ll feel included and excited to be in on the fun.

10. Take Baby to Church

If you’re a church member, religious holidays are the perfect time to show baby off to everyone. Dressed in her finest Easter duds, people will ooh and ahh over your little bunny, and she’ll get a chance to familiarize herself with the smells, sights, and sounds of church.