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10 Ways to Celebrate Baby's First Thanksgiving


It's your baby's first Thanksgiving—so you have more than usual to be thankful for this year. This is the time to start new traditions, introduce your baby to old ones, and enjoy this holiday with your new family.

We've come up with some ways to make sure your baby's first Thanksgiving will be a memory you'll treasure forever.

  1. Have a Photo Shoot
  2. a baby sleeping next to a pumpkin

    Whether you choose a professional shoot with a photographer or you just snap some photos at home, you're going to want to capture these memories. Pick a cute outfit with lots of oranges, browns, and yellows to capture the colors of fall. Pumpkins, fallen leaves, and fall flowers like mums all make great props.

  3. Make a Family Video
  4. a couple with a video camera

    Take a few minutes to capture a video of your baby on Thanksgiving. If you can get a shot of your baby reacting to the giant turkey, or a few seconds of baby napping on somebody's overstuffed food belly, you'll have video gold. Ask each person to say a message to your baby for the future, too, so he'll enjoy watching it for years to come.

  5. Make a Pumpkin Craft
  6. thanksgiving craft ideas

    Our friends at Learn Create Love have an adorable idea—pumpkin thumb prints! If you keep a few in a safe place for next year you can make them again and compare the size of your little one's thumb. Why not make it an annual tradition?

  7. Bring Family Together
  8. Family gathering at Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving is all about togetherness, so bring your family together. If there are relatives your baby hasn't met, or doesn't see often, make sure to invite them by or go to them. If you're too far away to be together in person, then make an appointment to Skype with family. Family is important, and it never hurts to have more people who love and adore your children almost as much as you do.

  9. Make a "Thankful Tree"
  10. a thankful tree

    Another fun craft from Learn Create Love is The Thankful Tree. This is another chance for you to have a craft you can make annually that will not only show much your baby has grown, but as she develops language you'll have fun and cute snapshots of what she loves most at each stage. For this year you can make leaves for what you're thankful for, of course.


  11. Choose a Special Outfit
  12. a baby clothes outfit

    There are lots of adorable options for a special outfit, like this set from juDanzy. Go to your favorite shop or look around online for an adorable themed outfit. Part of the fun of having a baby is getting to dress him up in cute outfits, so why not?

  13. Watch the Macy's Parade
  14. the macy's thanksgiving parade

    Watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade is an annual tradition for many families. The enormous balloons are fun to watch, and even the smallest family member can enjoy the musical numbers and colorful sights. If you live within driving distance of New York City, you might want to go in person, but if not, the best seat view of the parade is from your couch anyway. Start traditions now for your baby to look forward to each year.

  15. Update the Baby Book
  16. a baby book

    Pull out your baby book and write about what your life has been like since your baby arrived. Write a letter to her about how much you love her, how thankful you are that she's here, and what you hope her life will be like by next Thanksgiving. If you have other family around, ask them to jot a note with their loving thoughts, too.

  17. Get a Fun Bib
  18. a baby wearing a bib for dinner

    Whether you've chosen to get a festive new outfit for baby or not, you're still going to want to protect her outfit—so why not make it a special holiday bib? You can find turkey and Thanksgiving bibs at most baby clothing stores, or you can find some special fabric at the store and make one of your own. Either way, it will add to the fun and make for cute pictures.

  19. Try Some New Foods
  20. Roasted turkey on a server tray garnished with fresh figs, grape, kumquat, and herbs on fall harvest table. Red wine, side dishes, pie, and gravy. Decoraded with mini pumpkins, candels, and flowers.

    If your baby has gotten the OK from his doctor to start solid foods, Thanksgiving is a great time to introduce some new tastes and textures. Check out this gallery which has 10 delicious Thanksgiving foods for baby that your little one may enjoy. Happy Thanksgiving!

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