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10 Moments to Include in Your Baby Book


Having a baby involves many amazing moments, but as your baby grows up it gets harder to remember them all. Jill Caryl Weiner’s memory book for parents, When We Became Three: A Memory Book for the Modern Family, offers a quirky, easy-to-fill-out keepsake for recording all the special moments you have with your baby. It can be filled out as you’re going through the experiences, or in hindsight. In a baby book, it’s important to record not just the major milestones—such as baby’s first tooth or her first time sitting up—but also the fun, the emotions and the details of what made your baby special.

Here are Weiner’s 10 must-remember moments to be sure to include.

  1. Realizing You’re Pregnant
  2. a woman getting a positive pregnancy test result

    Whether it’s planned or unexpected, the moment it hits you is as scary and exciting as it gets. What happened? What made you stop and say: “Wait a minute! Are we going to have a baby?“ and how did you and your partner react when it was confirmed?

  3. The First Time You Held Baby
  4. a mom holding her newborn baby

    After nausea, excitement, sleepless nights, endless planning and expectations, what was it like when baby finally arrived and you cradled him or her in your arms? What was baby doing and how did you feel?

  5. Bringing Baby Home
  6. New born baby with his mother

    For some it’s leaving the hospital; for others it’s entering their home for the first time with baby. It’s that moment when you realize you’re no longer just a couple and you’re charged with caring for a new little life. Was it panic or peace, and was there a story involved?

  7. Baby’s Special Bonds
  8. Infant sleeping together with teddy bear

    Baby’s beginning to engage with the world, and just like you, baby has preferences. Milestones are perfect for memory books, but baby’s favorite things can fill in the picture and even hint at baby’s personality. What was baby’s first favorite? A plush toy? A blanket? A soft ball? A pet? It can even be a song or a storybook.

  9. Rolling Over
  10. Baby in a purple jumper rolling around

    So many early physical milestones are thrilling, but there’s nothing like the adventure and surprise all wrapped up in rolling over! It’s captivating for everyone. How did baby react and did baby keep on rolling? And look out: baby’s in motion; if you haven't baby proofed yet, you’re running out of time.

  11. Baby’s First Words
  12. a baby talking to his mom

    Squeaks, babbles and bubbles are adorable, but Mama, Dada or even duck are the start of something new. Baby gets it; those sounds projecting from people’s mouths actually have meaning! Pretty soon baby will want to know and say everything. It won’t be long before she or he asks to borrow the car keys.

  13. Baby’s First Solid Food
  14. a baby being fed solid foods

    Get out your checklist: high chair, bib, baby spoon...and what’s on the menu? Was baby agreeable or unwilling? Did baby grab the spoon and keep it? How did you feel and how did baby feel and did you have your first taste of mushy food at the same time?

  15. Baby’s First Steps
  16. He makes his first steps

    When baby crawls it’s huge, but when baby takes those first steps it’s monumental. How did it happen? Did you coax baby into your arms, or did baby just go for it? Was it spectacular or a big adorable plop?

  17. Sleeping Through the Night
  18. a baby sleeping in a crib

    The first time baby sleeps through the night is often a mixture of joy, confusion and thankfulness. Did that really happen? Will it happen again? It’s when some new parents actually sense that life might actually one day be normal; you may not be sleep-deprived forever. What was it like?

  19. First Connection
  20. a mom lying next to her baby

    The first time you connect with baby, you feel a whole new world opening up. Baby’s first smile, the first time baby’s eyes follow you across the room. These can all be super-fantastic moments. Was there one particular special connection for you?

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