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6 Ways to Learn Infant and Toddler CPR


It's something we don't like to think about and pray we never need to use, but knowing infant and toddler CPR could be the difference between life and death. We've come up with several sources for you to learn, or brush up on, this incredibly important skill.

Contact one of the following organizations and learn CPR today, either in a town near you or if that's not possible, through excellent online videos.

1. Take a Red Cross Course

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The Red Cross is the name at the forefront of first aid and CPR education. American Red Cross offers courses in adult, infant, and hands-only CPR, as well as other training. For a class near you, contact them at (877) 360-7565 or check out their website at

2. Check Out the University of Washington Website

A University of Washington sign

The University of Washington has an excellent diagram and demonstration listed on their website. From easy-to-follow instructions and clear illustrations, their helpful guide will give you a basic idea of how to perform CPR on youngsters. Of course it's no substitute for a class, but it's a lot better than nothing!

3. Watch CPR Training Videos on Youtube

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You can learn almost anything by searching Youtube for an instructional video. While most people look for makeup advice or how to tie a proper Windsor knot, you can also find helpful and instructive videos on infant and toddler CPR. Here is a great one below.

4.Take the Mom Assembly Course Online

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Richard Pass, RN has a detailed video course available online at Mom Assembly offers courses on many parenting topics all for a monthly access fee of about $8.

5. Check the American Heart Association for Classes

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Another world leader in CPR education is the American Heart Association. Contact them at 1-800-242-8721 or click the link we provided. You can opt for online courses or find one locally for a chance to practice hands-on.

6. Organize Your Own Event

a person doing CPR on a baby CPR dummy

What better way is there to both learn CPR and connect with other new parents in your area? Companies like EMC, which operates in several states, will come to you to teach CPR to a group. If you don't live in a state listed by EMC, do an online search for a nearby company, or call your local fire or police stations, hospital, or doctor's office for a company recommendation.

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