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Cough and Colds in Babies


Coughs and colds are totally normal in little ones and you’ll probably find your baby has around eight sniffles a year.

This is because little immune systems haven’t yet built up a defense against the hundreds of versions of cold viruses floating around.

And if your baby seems to be catching cold after cold – you may find babies with lots of little playmates who like to share everything, are more susceptible - think positively and remember the more colds your baby has now, the less they’ll have in the future as they carry on building up immunity against these germs.

No mom likes to see their baby sniffing through a cold, but there’s light at the end of the [nasal] tunnel and your baby will usually start to feel better after around five to seven days.

What are the symptoms of Coughs and colds in babies?

Cold symptoms commonly include a runny or blocked nose, a cough and a slight fever. You may also notice that your little one is pulling at their ear, which may mean that they have an ear ache or ear infection, also refusing fluids or foods (if they are weaned) could also mean a sore throat.

What are the treatments and remedies of Coughs and colds in babies?

You can give your baby paracetamol or ibuprofen if they are really suffering with a cold or have a fever.

Remember doses vary depending on age so make sure you always read the label.

If you notice your little one is wheezing or overly drowsy, or you’re concerned about another other symptoms – trust your maternal instincts and seek medical help.

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This article is not meant to substitute medical advice provided by a practicing medical professional - if you have any concerns, contact your physician immediately.

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