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Baby Health

As a new parent, your No. 1 concern is the health of your child. You'll soon find yourself looking at everything in a different light - a tiny sneeze or a little redness may send you in a flurry to your pediatrician. Instead of freaking out every time you aren't sure about your child's health, take a deep breath and learn the symptoms of some common illnesses and tips for managing them.

Gain insight into what it really means when your little one coughs or how to take a baby's temperature when he or she runs a slight fever. Also, find information about health problems that often occur, like ear infections. Another major topic many new parents want to know about is breast feeding. They need to understand the benefits of this natural baby food as well as why it's important for their child to breast feed through his or her first year.

You'll care for your child's health, from feeding her plenty of fruits and vegetables to taking her temperature when she has a cold. By knowing your baby's normal behavior, such as the "I'm hungry!" cry or the "I'm hot" scream, you'll be better able to address unusual needs, like when your little one starts to teeth or something is wrong. Parents also learn how to handle the weather, dressing baby in ample layers and making sure she stays out of the sun.

Read on to learn about helping a constipated baby, medicines for infants over 6 months, and even ways to handle separation anxiety for both you and your child.