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10 Must Have Summer Toys for Babies


It’s finally summer, which means outdoor play is here. Yay! To help baby (and mama) have a ball, check out these essentials for keeping the wee one safely entertained.

  1. Intex Mushroom Baby Pool
  2. Intex Mushroom Baby Pool

    This adorable pool has soft, inflatable edges to keep your baby safe from accidental bumps and bruises, plus an attached mushroom roof to keep her out of direct sunlight. This pool can hold up to five inches of water, so there will be plenty for splashing, kicking, and cooling off. Be sure to never leave your baby unattended (for even a second) in or near water. 

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  3. Swimways Floating Activity Center
  4. Swimways Floating Activity Center

    If you have a pool of your own, or one that you go to regularly, this floating activity center is a great way to keep babies nine to 24 months safe and entertained while you cool off. With a detachable canopy you can protect baby from the sun, or let her enjoy some rays (don’t forget the sunscreen!). Five fun activities are included so baby will enjoy getting her legs wet while exploring some cute toys.

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  5. Pail and Shovel
  6. Pail and Shovel

    Nothing says, “We’re going to the beach!” quite like taking out the pail and shovel. From building sand castles to collecting shells, the only limit to what you can do with these is your baby’s imagination (or yours until shovel control is mastered).

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  7. Small World Toys Sand Wheel
  8. Small World Toys Sand Wheel

    Whether baby is in a sandbox or at the beach, playing in the sand is a summertime must. Move beyond the ordinary and enjoy watching sand move the gears on this fun toy. Taking a moment to teach your little one about cause and effect while enjoying the beautiful summer sun is a total win.

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  9. Gazillion Bubble Machine
  10. Gazillion Bubble Machine

    Bubbles are an easy way to stop any tantrum in its tracks. There’s something magical about shiny floating orbs that blow away and are easy to pop. Keep your hands free while wowing your baby with a Gazillion Bubbles.

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  11. Pacific Play Tents Lil Nursery
  12. Pacific Play Tents Lil Nursery

    This tent has an SPF 30 coating and is easy to assemble--making it a great addition to any outing. Keep your little one out of the sun while you're in the yard or at the beach. Fill it with toys to keep your baby entertained, or keep it quiet for a safe place to nap.

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  13. Cups
  14. toy cups

    You can go simple and low-tech by using plastic cups, or you could buy a nice set of stacking cups--either way, cups are a great summer toy. Baby can pour water, experiment with sound by banging and clapping, stack them, collect and sort little treasures, or dig in the sand. Cups are so simple, yet can provide hours of entertainment in a baby’s hands.

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  15. Green Toys Submarine
  16. Green Toys Submarine

    The Green Toys submarine is a fun take on a floating toy with a spout. The easy-grasp handle makes it simple for little hands to control its movements, while its eco-friendly design makes mom happy.

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  17. Bath Toys
  18. zoo animal bath toys

    What fun is summer if you can’t splash around in the water? Take this quintessential bath toy outside to add a touch of home to your baby’s wading pool, or use ducky to play a game of chase in the big pool. There’s no reason that ducky or these zoo animals, shouldn’t enjoy the outdoors, too.

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  19. Knobby Balls
  20. Knobby Balls

    Sensory Knobby Balls feel great in baby’s hands (and mouth) and are fun toys to have outside. Rolling, tossing, kicking, and chasing these balls will get baby moving around and practicing her motor skills. They float, so don’t forget to bring them in the pool, too!

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