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10 Tips for Dressing Baby for Spring


Each season with a new baby is a fresh fashion challenge. What should baby be wearing during spring, when temps rise and fall all the time? Read on to find out key spring tips for dressing the little one as the snow starts to thaw.

1. Layer on Layers

One year old baby boy smiling at his mom

In the same way that you would dress yourself in layers to peel off or add on as temps shift, same goes here. Start with a short-sleeved onesie, layer on pants and a long-sleeved shirt, and top with a light hoodie or other sweatshirt as needed. Socks go under booties. If the cold creeps up, be prepared to pop the whole baby in some bunting for chilly (yet refreshing for you both) outdoor walks.

2. Cover Everything

Baby winter teddy bear snow suit

We LOVE Zutano's baby clothes, and its midweight outer layer romper of cotton-y fleece is ideal for spring. Plus, it has an adorable hood that makes baby look like an elf!

Zutano Cozy Elf Romper at Amazon

3. Warm Lil Legs

Adorable Baby Girl in Winter Hat and Sweater Laughing Outside

One way to transition bodysuits (long-sleeved, no-legs onesies) to spring is to pair them with adorable leg warmers. Good for boy and girl babies, they offer a comfy and cute layer that can pop off if things get too warm. Or they  can disappear behind pants if it gets too cold.

juDanzy Baby Leg Warmers

4. Cap It Off

Mother with baby in carrier, outdoors in winter

'Tis the season for light cotton hats. We love these by Babysoy--they come to a sweet peak and they really stay on. Any cotton hat will keep baby warm, but not too warm.

Babysoy's Unisex Janey Baby Hat

5. Warm the Toes

slip on baby shoes

Mocc Ons slipper socks are pretty much three-season foot covers, and thankfully so. They STAY ON, look cute, and keep baby's tootsies toasty. Perfect for spring layering over socks. They also come in cute designs and range up to 12 months.

Mocc Ons Slipper Socks

6. Pull Up the Hoodie

a baby in a hoodie

A baby in a hoodie? Awww. Plus, sweatshirt material can be perfect for spring, worn over a long or short sleeve onesie, depending on the weather. We like these reversible Babysoy hoodies--a little bit pricy, but you really get two-in-one.

Babysoy Reversible Hoodie (This listing says it's for girls, but they're totally unisex.)

7. Get Down with Denim

a baby in denim overalls

What's cuter than a baby in a denim jacket or overalls? We're not sure, but spring is the perfect season to try and find out! Osh Kosh B'Gosh makes incredibly tiny ones for your LO.

Baby Denim Jacket

8. Break the Wind (and Rain)

a baby windbreaker jacket

Spring rain and wind can really dampen baby's day (and yours), if you're not prepped. Grab a super-cute windbreaker and/or raincoat to stay ahead of the weather. Carter's has a well-made and adorable selection, like this nautical slicker.

Carter's Infant Rainslicker

9. Go for Color

Cute baby on a colorful blanket

In case you've been dressing baby in whites and grays during winter, it's time to bust out the sartorial sunshine with sweet pastels and brights.

10. Keep Calm and Carry (Baby) On

mom carrying baby in a sling

You can finally go outside! Hurrah! It's not clothing per se, but now's the perfect time to get baby into a wearable carrier--Ergo is a mom favorite (and great for dads too) and Moby wraps (pictured) are a nice alternative as well. There are so many to choose from, it's worth it to go to a local baby store and find an expert salesperson who can get the right one for your body and baby.

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