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How to Prepare Your Baby to Walk


Here are simple tips to help prepare and assist your baby to take their first steps in the world...

  1. Make a baby gym. This is simply a comfortable, rug- or mat-covered area where your baby can take a tumble without getting hurt.
  2. Set up a cruising station. This is a low table or the couch or any stable object he can hang on to while cruising. Activities performed while standing near a stable object can let your child hold on when he needs to and let go while knowing the support is there if he needs it.
  3. Dress for success. Your baby should be comfortably dressed and his feet left bare while at home, if possible. This aids in the development of the child's foot and ankle muscles. There are some times that your baby will have to wear shoes, of course. The shoe should have a flat, flexible sole and his ankles should be able to move freely, so no high-tops.
  4. Don't be a neat freak. Having her favorite toys just out of reach can be a great motivator to get the baby crawl, cruise or walk.
  5. Don't overuse the walker. Walkers encourage some babies to walk before they are ready. It would be better for a baby to spend the extra time crawling and cruising.
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