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Play Baby Games with Your Child

Fun and Easy Games for Baby


Baby games are fun for both mom and baby, but if you're not sure what to play, it's easy! You don't need a lot of fancy toys or equipment for these four popular games for baby. Learn about these old-fashioned baby games and why they're so good for both of you.

Lap Games for Baby

As soon as your baby's strong enough to hold his head up, you can play baby games on your lap. Gently jiggle your baby up and down with her on your lap while you sing a song or recite a rhyme. The actual words don't matter as long as there's a rhythmic rhyme. At the end, dip her down between your knees just a bit, but be gentle if she's still young. As your baby gets older and stronger, you can make these baby games a little more robust. Lap games for baby help with early language development and pattern recognition so they're more than just fun!

Peek-a-Boo Baby Games

Around four months old, your baby will start to love peek a boo. Four-month-olds are starting to understand object permanence and they'll know that you will come back if they can't see you for a few seconds. The first few times you play peek-a-boo, your baby might look bewildered and interested when he can't see you, but around six months, you'll find that peek-a-boo becomes one of your favorite baby games.

Pattycake Games for Baby

Pattycake is perfect for babies who can sit up unassisted. When you first start playing this game, you can clap your baby's hands for her, but as she gets older, she'll be able to clap herself because her spatial awareness and coordination have improved. Additionally, sitting on your lap while clapping is a complex task that can help strengthen her back and improve her balance.

Row, Row, Row Your Boat Baby Games

This game can help strengthen your baby's back and neck muscles. To play, lay your baby down on a pillow and sit in front of him. Hold his hands and gently pull his body into a sitting position while singing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" by cycling his arms in a rowing motion. When you get to the "merrily" part of the song, lower him back down gently.

Play baby games with your baby and you might be surprised at how much fun you can have together! You don't need fancy toys with sounds and lights -- just have fun the old fashioned way with these fun games for baby.

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