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9 Ways a Second Baby Will Rock Your World


Are you thinking of adding on to your cute family and wondering how your life will change? The road ahead is paved with joy, exhaustion, manic demands, and much more.

Take a look at our top reasons why having a second baby will rock your world, and get prepared!

1. You'll Have More Joy

a mom kissing her baby

If one child makes you smile, you can imagine what having a second will do: double that pleasure! Of course, you'll also be doubling every other emotion that comes with parenting: the worry, the frustration, the guilt, but also the fun and the satisfaction.

2. You'll Get Less Sleep

a young couple looking very tired in bed

This one is like those Geico car insurance ads: everyone knows it. New babies are up in the middle of the night, the first child might be on an erratic circadian schedule, and there's less chance of sneaking in a nap with two kids to care for. For what it's worth, most moms seem to adjust to functioning on less sleep during these early years of parenting. Plus, some parents really do get lucky and have kids who are great sleepers. Have faith, it can happen!

3. You'll Always Be Busy

a young family in the kitchen looking very busy

All moms are busy. Moms of two or more are non-stop multitaskers. With a new baby comes a gazillion additional chores—diaper changes, feedings, baths, laundry, doctor's appointments, etc.—piled onto a mom's already chaotic day. From sun-up to sun-down, it's always go-time.

4. You'll Always Be In Demand

a mom looking very stressed while holding her kids

As one mom put it, "Someone always needs something" when you have two kids, and they both usually want that something NOW. It will seem as though they've agreed to sync their demands, to see how overwhelmed and crazy they can make mom. A lot of deep breaths, calming thoughts, and—most important—enlisting some help, will get you through the crazy, in-demand months (er, years).

5. You'll Feel As Much Love

a mom smiling while her kids are drawing

You never thought you could love anyone as much as you love your first, and then your second arrives and, well, surprise! You love baby #2 like crazy too. And just wait until your older child makes the baby laugh—get ready for your heart to absolutely explode with joy.

6. Your Relationship with Your First Will Change

a mom kissing her daughter

A new baby will at least slightly alter your relationship with your existing child. You might feel guilty for having less time to spend now with your older child. You might be amazed by the mature way he adapted to becoming a big brother, or frustrated by his indifference to the new baby. You might be so appreciative of the fact that he can talk and walk and use the potty that you'll find yourself spontaneously and compulsively hugging your child and thanking him for not being a baby.

7. Your Family Might Feel More "Complete"

a family posing together in a park

Don't get us wrong, one-child families are absolutely as legit as larger ones. But if you've dreamed of having more than one child, there's something about adding a second child that can make your family feel more complete. Think of it in terms of car travel. It's not just mom and dad in the front seat and one child in the back anymore. It's more balanced, and you'll feel that.

8. You'll Have Less Money

a mom and her baby in a supermarket

A second baby requires fewer big purchases since you already own a crib, stroller, and breast pump. But there are still the smaller items like diapers and clothes to buy, plus the big one: child care. If you're headed back to work, you now need double the daycare, and that's going to cost you!

9. You'll Need Some Help

a carton of chinese food

With one, you might be able to do it all. Add another and you're going to need some help. It's hard to juggle the needs of a newborn with the demands of a child, plus maintain your house, relationship, and self. You'll manage, because that's what moms do, but you'll do so much more sanely if you enlist some assistance. Every mom of two should have the numbers of a housekeeper, a babysitter, and some close and healthy take-out restaurants programmed into her phone, and should feel totally justified about using them.

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